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Principles of Instructional Design Essay

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Pilot or field test are programs where new software concepts or new project ideas are tested and reviewed. A pilot test takes place earlier before the initial implementation of the project. During these period of field test participants are encouraged to provide feedback not just on the project being implemented but how the project is useful and how it can be improved. Its main aim is to influence the feature and the future of the final product to be implemented. Also peoples reaction about the project or soft ware should be taken into consideration as they are they main target.

Pilot tests are mostly used during the implementation of new ideas . Pilot tests are also plans, conducts, directs and reports associated with ideas to bring new designs, development, and modification of a new or existing product (Taylor, 2005). Pilot tests are important because they help create better implementation of projects or soft wares or improve the existing project or software. For example, mobile phones Company like Nokia it has to have a tester before it starts mass production.

Testers help the new soft ware to fit within their current corporate system and preview new features which the consumers expect to get in the final product. Feed back is vital because about the soft is vital because it helps in determining the features to be enhanced in the final software (Paul, 2000). Field test is important because it provides an ideal way of meeting quality product and meeting all the requirements as requested by the consumers. Also it helps reduce chances of loss because a company produces according to the response they got from the consumers .

If it’s software they indicate all adjustments indicating such that the final soft meets consumer needs. In addition, the field test gives peoples perception about the ability of a product or project . Issues of connectivity with the current surrounding are important. Pilot test also enables a company to know the test and preference of its consumers. A company is able to understand its consumers know what to expect from them, their likes and preferences, cultural behaviors, ethics and believes. Field test is a good idea because it helps reduce wastage of resources and time.

As a result, less energy is spent improving the quality of the final product. Resources which could have been used in mass production of certain products are reduced and used after the pilot test. This helps to reduce losses which could have been incurred. A field test also creates a new opportunity. After reading the feedback companies are able to look into ideas which they consider might be vital to them some of he ideas create new opportunities which it could get if the company had not carried out a pilot test.

Pilot test are important because they prepare organization and companies on what to expect when they implement the final plan. That helps the organizations to introduce strategies on how to tackle problems which they encounter because they are aware of some of the problems. Some of the obstacles found when carrying out field test are; failure to rely on the collected information because of lack of good feedback also known as standardized field sobriety testing.

For example a research conducted for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration where the purpose of the research was to provide a reliable method of determining intoxication caused by highway vehicle and the best way to reduce congestion in the highway. Another obstacle is negligence by the people by not considering g to get involved in the project. This makes it difficult for an organization to get the appropriate information regarding their program. Also negligence in terms of the consumers failing to give the appropriate information regarding their project or product.

Also high pricing when doing pilot test. Many people will feel uncomfortable buying a new product at a very high cost which is just acting as a tester in the market and opt to avoid. An example is a mobile company introducing a new phone in the market and selling it at a very high cost. Also when implementing some pilot programs a lot of money is spend because some materials are given free of charge and the company end up investing a lot money in the pilot test which may not bring positive impact to the company.

In order to overcome some of these obstacles, the workers of the organization are supposed to give feed back which is reliable. Reliable in terms of truth. In addition, give testers at a lesser cost to get many people getting involved in giving commends for the implantation of the final product. Also pilot tests are carried out in areas with a large population and also a population in which the product is supposed to serve. Conclusion

In conclusion, pilot or field tests are very important because they act as samples for the final plan or product there for an organization is able to improve its product or plan depending on how the market responds. Also less risk are involved because this is not the final plan so finances are saved for final implementation no huge losses are incurred this are testers. Since pilot program take place before the initial launch of the final plan the organization is able to provide ways of solving problems which they predict may occur and provide means of minimizing those problems.

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