Principles of Honor, Duty, and Service

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Duty starts by supporting my peers and country with high respect, great esteem, and honesty. All while honoring my parents and family members. Additionally one can show their dedication to duty by following a creed. Whether it belong to a church, volunteer organization or one of the government’s many different facilities dedicated to supporting all citizens and their undisputed rights and equalities.

Duty is by definition a moral or legal obligation or a responsibility. With that idea in mind I uphold the principle of duty as I work alongside the members of my family.

Together we work to ensure that my grandmother has a comfortable, relaxed and meaningful end of life. She has been suffering from Late Stage Alzheimer’s for a couple years now and despite her loss of memory to the people she cares about. We continue to work our hardest so that she can feel a sense of normalcy and at ease while she slowly drifts away.

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Sophocles once wrote that “ I would rather prefer even to fail than win with cheating.” I spent hours looking for a good example I could use alongside the principle of honor. As I searched I mulled around the idea of how easy it could be for anyone to look up. copy and paste exceptional work from other writers and use that as my own for a better grade. However I came upon this gem of a quote that perfectly outlines perfectly why we don’t.

Despite my absolute disdain for having to learn Algebra all while not seeing the need to know it.

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I still push myself to attempt to understand. I try hard to honor the expectations laid out before me by my family and by the people who spend years out of their lives to teach me. I’ve never considered cheating to get an easy A. I don’t want to be the person that just gives up and does whatever they want to achieve success. I want to be the person that tries and fails until I can do it right. With that in mind I think I uphold to the principles and tenets of keeping honor in my life.

There are many different ways one could be of service. You could be of service to your country by joining any of the branches armed service. Others choose to serve in local, state, or federal organizations. You can also provide a service to your community by volunteering with local organizations, which is important because volunteering in your community teaches compassion and understanding, or it can be a way to advocate for a cause that you are passionate about. I have found that community service is very rewarding.

Throughout these paragraphs I have hoped to inform you of why we both need to honor the principles of Honor, Duty, and Service. All the while how I work to show these valuable tenets throughout my life.

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