Principles of Feminist Therapy Essay

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Principles of Feminist Therapy

Feminist theory, especially as it applies to feminist therapy is broad and complex. Yet, several common threads could be recognizable. Chapter 1 of the book helps feminist counselors and therapists in identifying the differences and the similarities of various threads of feminist theory and therapy. In spite of the differences, it would be more important to look at the common threads and ideas uniting these principles and theory. This way, therapists would be able to apply the best of what feminist therapy has to offer.

The following issues are some of the highlights of the common threads in the field. With feminist therapy, unequal power and victimization is one of the leading issues. If these are not addressed properly, anger tends to be bottled up and they will have difficulty in seeking social support. If therapy were to become really successful, such support is really needed. The political nature of relationship and relationships involving women in different settings in the society is one of the very important aspects of such commonalities.

On top of gender, class, ethnicity, class and culture issues are also important issues explored in the field. The authors highlighted these areas as important areas in feminist therapy. Feminist theory and therapy not only have differences within the field, it also has its similarities with other fields. The author highlighted feminist therapy’s treatment of emotional distress, its social and cultural sources, power sharing, the importance of women’s experiences and its focus on social change and the empowerment of women.

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