Principles of assessment in lifelong learning Essay

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Principles of assessment in lifelong learning

1.1Explain the types of assessment used in lifelong learning. (150 words approx.) Initial/diagnostic assessment can be taken before learner’s enrollment for a course. This is a way of finding out whether the prospective course is suitable for a student and meets the learner’s needs or not. Formative assessment can be taken during the programme or a course. Teachers use assessments in their teaching sessions to make judgement about their learners. Summative assessment is used to outline or work out the level of achievement. Summative assessment is used for a final judgement about the learning achievements. Formal assessment is used where there is a need to assess learners under controlled conditions. Informal assessment is used as an ongoing check on understanding without control conditions. This is an aid for a teacher to monitor progress. Independent assessment applies to courses where the learners are assessed by someone other than their teacher. Peer assessment is used where other learners are at the same level of skill and knowledge and can play a vital role in judging a learner’s achievement level.

1.2 Explain the use of methods of assessment in lifelong learning. (150 words approx.) Different methods can be used for assessment in the lifelong learning. Short answers: is a good way of keeping student activities in their learnings. Multiple –choice: is a task in which learner has to select the correct answer from a number of alternative options. Observation: Observation is used i this programme for assessment of micro-teach/ teaching practice delivery. It can be used in any situation where practical skills are being assessed. Project work: involves a piece of written work in which learners take responsibility. Essays: This is a substantial piece of written work as well. It asks learners to show understanding of the subject. Exams: can be taken either by written tests or completion of a practical task under controlled conditions. Oral and aural: These assessment test speaking and listening skills. In this assessment, learners are required to listen to something and respond. Electronic assessment: refers to the use of information technology for any assessment-related activity.

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