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Principles and Practises for International Management Essay

Essay Topic:

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To achieve the new worldwide revenue objectives I will have to convince the senior management to increase the workforce in my department to share my responsibilities, as they are not one person’s cup of tea. I will have to ensure that this workforce consists of serious individuals who are capable of working towards the achievement of a single goal with common mindset. I will have to make sure that local people are hired in the country’s international units, as they would prove to be helpful in making the company adapt to the culture of the foreign countries.

Along with them and the few employees in the company who were not born in this country, I will try to identify with the countries in which our company has spread its operations. This can be done by in depth analysis of the countries’ political, sociological, demographic and geographic features. I will also have to be well prepared to communicate effectively across different cultural barriers and languages.

I would urge the senior management to master skills to effectively manage cultural diversity in workforce.

It has been rightly pointed by Rue and Byars that “Achieving success in international business demands that a firm’s human resource practices be adapted to country norms. ” (1992, p. 130) The company would also have to thoroughly study the international market and design its marketing strategy accordingly. In no way should the company disrespect the local culture in which it is operating. Instead, it should try to blend the local culture with its corporate identity and be always consistent in this.

Guidelines for the company staff should be designed in such a way that there is no scope of inconsistency or confusion across borders. The employees should be trained, keeping in mind the trends set by the flourishing multinational companies. They should be encouraged to perform their best. The international business units should be given similar autonomy as the local units, both in crisis situation and at decision-making times.

In the words of Leandri “…hold local operations accountable to the corporate office yet give them enough autonomy to make necessary decisions. ” (2000, para. 9) By making the company adapt to the demands of international expansion and by developing my own communication skills and potential of working in diverse work environments, it will not be hard to gain the payoffs that international business offers.

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