Principle of Management Essay

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Principle of Management

1. Developing employee skills is a challenge in almost any environment. What type of skills needs to be mostly developed for EMAL trainees?

A. All new inexperienced employees are provided with access to targeted Pre-Employment Course (PEC) designed to provide the Emirati men and women with theoretical and practical training in preparation for jobs with the company

2. Once those employees progress in their careers and get promoted, what kind of skills would be needed?

A. Technical Skills.

3. Go to the Emirates Aluminum Website at What can you tell about the company’s emphasis on people and their careers? How does the company emphasize the hiring of local, in addition to international, talents?

A. By taking care of its employees and put a lot of effort to develop their skills to achieve their desired career, also the company focuses on balancing between local hiring and international hiring to rise the probability of getting talented and hard workers. Workplace safety, professional excellence, continuous improvement, environmental stewardship, multicultural awareness and mutual respect are the cornerstones of the work environment at EMAL.

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