Principes of Ppe Essay

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Principes of Ppe

1.1 explain employees roles andresponsibilities in relation to the prevention and controll of infection.

. dispose of waste correctly
. wash hands properly
. keep all equipment clean
. wear ppe
. maintain personal hygeine
. attend training
. report hazzards

1.2 explain employers responsibilities in realation to the prevention and control infection

. provide training
. provide ppe
. ensure regular health and saftey checks are undertaken

outcome 2
understand legislation and policies relating to prevention and control of infections

1.1 outline current legislation and regulatorybody standards which are relevent to the prevention and control of infection

all care staff should understand legislation and policies relating to prevention/ control infections and understand systems . health and saftey act at work 1947
. health and social care act 2008
. COSHH ( controll of substances hazardous to health)
. RIDDOR ( reporting injuries, diseases and dangerous occurences) . relevent
codes of practice
. public health 1984
. personal protective equipment act 1992
. controlled waste regulations act 1992
. managment of health and saftey work reulations 1999
. food saftey act 1990

1.2 describe local and organisational policies relevent to the prevention and controll of infetion

. providing training
. safe enviroment
.work policies and procedures?

outcome 3
understand systems and procedures relating to the prevention and controll of infections
1.1 describe procedures and systems relevent to theprevention and controll of infection

. hand washing
. ppe
. cleaning equipment
. personal hygeine

1.2 explain the potential impact of an outbreak of infection on the individual and the organisation

the individual can suffer from

. short or long term illness
. secondary conditions
. further complications
. depression
. loss of reputation
. death
. loss of trust in the organisation
. prosecution and closure of organisation
. unsettled atmosphere

outcome 4

understand the importance of risk assesments in relation to the preventionand control of infections

1.1 putting someone or something in danger when there is no need to and not using correct equipment to carry out tasks.

1.2 potential risks in the work place leading to diseases spredding can be cause by . washing hands
. wearing ppe
. having dirty equipment
. dirty surrondings

1.3 the process of carrying out a risk assesment are to

. identify the hazzard
. decide who may be at risk and decide on precautions
. eveluate the risks and decide on precaution
. record your findings and implement them
. review your assesment and update if necessary

1.4 The main importance of carrying out a risk assesment is

. to make sure nobody gets hurt or ill
. create awarness of hazzards and risks
. identify whos at risk
. prevent injury

understand the importance of using personal protective equipment (pp3) in the prevention and controll of infections

1.2 different types of ppe are

. aprons
. gloves
.face/mouth/eye protection
. footwear

1.3 The reason for ppe are:

. to protects clients and staff so no infection can be passed on. . help to stop infections
. saftey reasons

1.4 . employees are responsible to use ppe apropriate and as instructed by employer. an employee has to check ppe before and after use and have to report any damage. . use appropriate precuations when handling substances i.e protective clothing

1.5 employees responsibilitys regarding ppe are

. take responsible care to protect their own health and saftey and that of their managment . ensure ppe is worn at correct timesand for correct duties. . report any hazardous or potentially hazardous conditions or risks theat they can identify in the work place. . attend training provided by employer

1.6 employers responsiblitys regaurding ppe

. provide ppe
. take all responsible steps to make sure employees are wearing ppe

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