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Prince Sport

This is a case study of how Print sports expand their growth in the market of 21st century, and the elements that go with or go against them in the market. Moreover, we will discuss with the marketing activities and strategies that are favorable to Prince Sports in expanding their distributions of Tennis products. As we know 21st century is a time where people are more conscious against their health, individuals who are moderate and wealthy enough tend to venture into sports to get better in shape and be healthy whether it is physically or mentally.

With this issue being focus on, trends in the environmental forces that work for and work against the achievements for Prince Sports Activities and the tennis industry are illustrations such as, public causes of the environment include market features and the lifestyle of the community. The social force works for Prince Sport due to the fact of the improved attention and popularity of tennis, and with a little bit help of the health conscious that are growing bigger in the society. Individuals are participating and watching professional tennis tournaments and this is resulting in more playing the game.

If attention decreases in time then this can and will continue to work against the achievements for Prince Sports Activities in their distribution and market activities. Prince Sports is also investing their funds in creating models of racquets that fits all sort of tennis player; there are certain designs of it that professional players and junior players can choose from to customize their playing styles. However, as an economic factor, this might go against Prince Sport base on the price of each racquet model. Individuals would rather buy a similar product with a cheaper value if prince sport does have a good marketing plan in explaining the innovative technology of that product clearly to the public. (Kerin & Hartley, 2013)

There are no limits in producing a good marketing activity for Prince Sport to promote tennis playing in United States. Social media is the first great option for Prince Sport to start with, majority of the individuals rely heavily on social media to obtain their daily dosage of information in the twenty first century. Moreover, online blogging and internet base news magazine can be a great tool, pop up advertisement on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and web blogging can help to raise interest in tennis playing.

It would be unwise to not use this as an advantage to promote tennis playing. Print media such as newspaper, magazine, and printed advertisement are good option to begin with. By spreading out the benefits of tennis such as health conscious and personality building, it will definitely attract individual to gain interest in tennis playing over a certain time. (Crespo & Reid, 2009) To reach out for recreational and junior player in the field tennis, Prince Sport should focus their planning on organizing Amateur or Junior league tournaments frequently throughout the years. With a more affordable entree fee and convenient application such as register via online or smart phone, it will attract players from these two categories to join in for the tournament.

With this method, it allows Prince Sport to study and differentiate what are their needs during the game from size of racquets to the more detail such as the material of the racquets handle for certain type of players. (Crespo & Reid, 2009) Prince has a different way in increasing their sales in major outlets such as Walmart and Target, and for specialty tennis shop or branded sports outlet such as Nike. Prince often makes a clear layout for major outlets from designing the tennis sport section to having a printed advertisement hanging along the corridor.

They would draw a layout on how to separate different section for their sports equipment, and for each section they have different in store signage, brochure, and also free merchandise for consumers who purchase reaches a certain limit. Whereas for smaller outlets or branded sports outlet such as Nike, they would put a professional standees which is a life size picture of certain professional tennis player, this would increase the interest of consumer on purchasing the item that is being promoted by that tennis player. (Kerin & Hartley, 2013).

There are a few of criteria for Prince to look on before venturing into the global market of tennis outside of United States. First of all, the market size of the country, whether it is mature enough for the public to gain interest in tennis sport, or it is still a fairly new idea to them. Second, expected growth of the market, does it have any potential in increasing distribution in the future or it has no value to be investing on. Third, the competitive position, does that country have more than enough industry in providing tennis equipment, and how can Prince fit into the market without suffering loss from competitive price battle. (Kerin & Hartley, 2013) Country that met these criteria is Russia, China, and Australia.

These are major country that have produce tons of tennis player since last decade. Majority of the player have won major leagues title and now hold a place in the world ranking series. From the statement here, we understand that the tennis industry is already a big deal in the above country, and from the reputation gain by those players, it will spread out to the society in a great speed. They possess a great potential to be invested in for tennis market, and Prince should focus on producing new models of racquets with far better quality from what is currently being distribute in the current market. (Marshall, 2011)

References Crespo, M. , & Reid, M. (2009). Marketing of tennis. ITF Coaching. Retrieved from http://en. coaching. itftennis. com/media/113964/113964. pdf Kerin, R. , &Hartley, W. (2013). Marketing(11thed. ). New York, NY: McGraw Hill. Marshall. (2011). Tennis’ global evolution is bringing the sport to new markets: An analysis. Retrieved from http://bleacherreport. com/articles/594875-the-global-evolution-of-tennis-is-bringi ng-the-sport-to-new-markets-an-analysis.

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