Primary source Essay Topics

Primary Sources

Primary sources are the original documents that serve as a springboard for other theorists, scientists, authors, and scholars to write additional works that are added to the subject’s base of literature. Primary sources are the first indications of a particular idea or a landmark study. They serve as a scientific starting point. Secondary sources are… View Article

Primary source analysis

Lygdamis ruled Halicarnassus, an ethnically Greek city-state governed by the Persians. Artemisia was Lygdamis’ daughter. Artemisia became queen after her husband’s death. The year 499 saw a number of Greek mainland city-states support the Ionian Greek city-states in revolting against the then ruler, Darius. Following suppression of such rebellion, Darius in 490 attacked mainland Greece… View Article

Research Sources

In reference to our text book, primary sources of secondary research include audio, video, or written transcripts of original research speeches in entirety, and raw data that has not been interpreted. Primary sources serve as the best sources as they have not been diluted with thoughts or interpretations of another source. Laws, court documents, census,… View Article