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Primark coordinate Essay

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Administrative managers in Primark coordinate and direct the many support services that allow organizations to operate efficiently. They perform a broad range of duties. They might, for example, oversee secretarial and administration, payroll, conference planning and travel, information and data processing, mail, materials scheduling and distribution, printing and reproduction, records management, telecommunications management, security, parking, energy consumption, and personal property procurement, supply, recycling, and disposal.

The administrative manager in Primark activities corers four main areas of planning, organizing, motivating and controlling.

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The administrative manager has role in tactical planning such as setting budgets or marketing campaign. This is a short term focus which is usually made at the lower level of business. As an organizer, it has to implement plans i. e. decide the activities that needs to be done at the store and allocate responsibilities. For example allocating staff needed to work on a task and resource needed to fulfill that task.

To achieve this highest standard of results, the pay rise, promotion, car incentive. Most of these motivation pea cases are approved by manager. The administrative manager also monitors and evaluates the performance of staff and business. It monitor performance against required standards ensure that corrective action are place in place for sustained business. Specific duties for managers in Primark vary by degree of responsibility and authority. First line administrative managers in Primark directly supervise staffs that perform various support services.

Mid level managers in Primark, on the other hand, develop departmental plans, set goals and deadlines, implement procedures to improve productivity and customer service, and define the responsibilities of supervisory level managers. Some mid level administrative managers in Primark oversee first line supervisors from various departments, including the clerical staff. Mid-level managers in Primark also may be involved in the hiring and dismissal of employees, but they generally have no role in the formulation of personnel policy.

Some of these managers in Primark advance to upper level positions, such as vice president of administrative services. In small organizations, a single administrative manager may oversee all support services. In larger ones, however, first line administrative managers in Primark often report to mid level managers who, in turn, report to owners or top level managers, sometimes called director of administration, or vice president of administration.


The nature of managerial jobs varies as significantly as the range of administrative required by organizations. For example, Managers in Primark have administrative skills, customer services, motivation, Negotiation, administrative, Financial and budget skills communication skills. Again, Primark administrative managers acquire Policy formulation, monitoring and evaluation, mentoring, effective decision making and skills for their successful business conduct.

In addition to the above, persons interested in becoming administrative managers in Primark have good leadership and communication skills and be able to establish effective working relationships with many different people, ranging from managers, supervisors, and professionals, to clerks and blue-collar workers. They have used analytical, flexibility, and decisive stills. They use these qualities and skills to coordinate several activities, analyzed them and resolved specific problems, and meet tight deadlines.


Education and experience requirement for managers in Primark vary widely, depending on the size and complexity of the store. In small store unit, experience may be the only requirement needed to enter a position as an office manager. When an opening in administrative services management occurs, the office manager may be promoted to the position based on past performance. In large store unit, however, administrative managers normally are hired from outside and each position have formal education and experience requirements. Some administrative managers Primark have advance degrees.

Primark specific requirements vary by job responsibility. In the Primark management, prefer to hire people who have an associate degree in business or management, although a high school diploma may suffice when combined with appropriate experience. Whatever the manager’s educational background, it must be accompanied by related work experience reflecting their ability. For this reason, many administrative managers have advanced through the ranks of their organization, acquiring work experience in various administrative positions before assuming first-line supervisory duties.


There are terms and conditions governing every institution and companies are of no exception. In Primark most has fixed written terms known as Employment Contract, and for any Primark Administrative manager to work, he/she must sign the contract. This document sets out the standard terms and conditions of the provision of services where you, the manager, are supplying business or management services to a client on your terms. In Primark a set of standard terms and conditions, is useful when they are to be employed which is compatible with UK employment law and regulation and Europe working directives.


Most administrative managers in small organizations in Primark advance by moving to top management positions or to a larger organization. Advancement is easier in large firms that employ several levels of administrative services managers. Attainment of the Certified Manager (CM) in Primark designation offered by the Institute of Certified Professional Managers (ICPM), through education, work experience, and successful completion of examinations, can enhance a manager’s advancement potential.

In addition, a master’s degree in business administration or a related field enhances a first-level manager’s opportunities to advance to a mid-level management position, such as director of administrative services, and eventually to a top-level management position, such as executive vice president for administrative services. Those with enough money and experience can establish their own management consulting firm. Methods like job shadowing, job rotation, sitting with Nellie; coaching, mentoring and computer-based training can be delivered on-the-job. Administrative managers held about 247,000 jobs in 2006.

About 65 percent worked in service-providing industries, most of the remaining managers worked in wholesale and retail trade, in management of companies and enterprises, or in manufacturing. METHODS OF MOTIVATION There are two major incentives for motivation: Financial and nonfinancial incentives: Earnings of administrative services managers in Primark vary greatly. It depends on the speciality, and the geographic are: For Example manager in London earns 2 more than those in Northampton. I. e. managers in cities received more incentive peacase because of London weighting.

In general, however, median annual earnings of wage and salary administrative services managers in May 2006 were i?? 67,690. In Primark the middle 50 percent earned between i?? 48,200 and i?? 90,350. The lowest 10 percent earned less than i?? 34,970, and the highest 10 percent earned more than i?? 117,610. Non-financial motivation fringe benefits like car, cheap travel, holiday and vouchers. Good condition of work: Flexible working hour’s holidays can also bring motivation in work. Opportunities for development, promotion and interest in the job can bring motivation.

In Primark other forms of incentives are given to administrative managers. Like vacation trips and all paid pleasure vacations are also some of the great motivators that administrative managers enjoy in other to give off their best.


All organizations in Primark need timely and effective office and administrative support to operate efficiently. In Primark Office and administrative supervisors and managers coordinate this support. These workers are employed in virtually every sector of the economy, working in positions as varied as teller supervisor, or shipping and receiving supervisor.

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