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Market Structures and Pricing Strategies in Business

In conclusion, this paper has provided a glimpse of the four main market structures and their pricing strategies. As noticed perfect competition is not as common as the other three. Oligopy and monopoly are very similar because of their way to drive the market price up and that is because they both control the majority of the market respectively. My real world example of Apple shows how a company ...

Edgar's Analysis of Macroeconomic Issues

The GDP is one of the major issues in macroeconomic through the collusion of demand and supply in the country the GDP is maintained as the business operates in its equilibrium point (Brake, 2011). Unemployment forms a major challenge but with a low interest rate from the financial sector business can operate and start up in the country. The case example is Edgar if he opens the four stations empl...

Datril Pricing Strategy

Lowering price is not sustainable, because it is easily replicable by its competitors. If the company lowers the price of Datril and the company takes significant portion of Tylenol’s market share. In order to respond to the company, Tylenol could cut down its price. At this point, the company could lose its only ‘competitive edge’. In fact, Tylenol likely has a cost advantage due to the eco...

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Pricing Strategies

Pricing strategies for products or services encompass three main ways to improve profits. These are that the business owner can cut costs or sell more, or find more profit with a better pricing strategy. When costs are already at their lowest and sales are hard to find, adopting a better pricing strategy is a key option to stay viable. Merely raising prices is not always the answer, especially in ...

Faber-Castell Company Assignment

In addition, we would also concern about the environment. As a responsible company, we should contribute to the society and the environment besides making profit. All the substances and raw materials which are harmful to the Earth and men would be prohibited in our products. Therefore, monopolistic competition market is the perfect market for us to enter as we can produce something that is differe...

Waltham Motors Case

Prepare your own analysis of the Waltham Division's operations in Might. Describe in as much information as possible why income varied from what you would have expected. Regrettably, due to unavailability of sufficient information, we can't calculate the cost and performance variances (which we call Level 3 differences) and for this reason not able to have a deeper insight into company's performan...

Investing in Sponsor-Backed IPOs: The Case of Hertz

6. The sponsors invested $2.3 billion in equity (divided equally among them) to finance the $15 billion buyout of Hertz in December 2005. If the Hertz IPO is completed at the $15 offer price and the overallotment option (Greenshoe) is exercised, what is your estimate of the gross returns to the sponsors will earn on their $2.3 billion investment in Hertz (i.e. ignoring carried interest or manageme...

Xerox: Book-in-Time Company Risk Management Plan

AppendixCost Per Book - MSRP$2548% Margin paid to trade-12Publisher's Selling Price$13Manuf. Cost per Book-6.920% - Royalties, Rights-2.615% - Overhead-1.95Final Profit1.55Total Cost of Equipment$1.5 MillionBreak Even 967,742Per Year in USPotential On Demand Conv.230,880,000Books Needed to Sell967,742% of market needed0.42%Does not include Mass Market paperbacks, religion, bookclub, and mail order...

Pricing Strategy of Virgin Mobile Company

At the same time, these parents lead busy lifestyles and would appreciate the "no contracts or hidden fees" pricing offered by VM. Parents could easily "recharge" their child's cell phone minutes by using cash or debit card. Also, VM did not require commissioned sales reps to sell its phones and plans. This would save the company a tremendous amount of money in terms of salary and rental costs. VM...

Avari Hotel Rooms Prices in Hospitality Industry

Avari needs to learn the lesson and take the example of Pearl. Having a strong competitor like Pearl is beneficial to Avari because they can learn a lot of lessons from their way of doing business, so they can improve their pricing strategies and promotional activities, and ultimately attract more customers and increase hotel occupancy rate. To respond to the threat of new entrants such as Sherato...

Unifine Richardson Business Management

UR can also advise that its client could perhaps make a percentage increase in its chicken pieces or perhaps charge a nominal fee of say $0.25 for sauce to help offset the cost. By empowering his largest client to make a strategic decision that greatly affects both of them, he will gain respect and perhaps more loyalty. Also, UR will now be able to place an order and contract with HH for the corre...

Dropbox Freemium Rising Prices

According to news, Dropbox is turning its direction into Big Data analysis. Diversity in product is necessary for Dropbox to develop a new stream of revenue. “Freemium Pricing” costs too much time and budget on customer cultivating, in exchange, high uncertainty and risk are fatal disadvantage of Dropbox. Alternatively, Dropbox could use penetration pricing strategy. They offer the basic servi...

Peak Garage Door Company Case

I feel that it is feasible to adopt the third that is to reduce the number of dealership without granting any formal exclusive franchisees because exclusive dealers contributed to 70% of sales and non-exclusive dealers produced only 30%. The Peak Garage Door, in order to increase their sales by 2004 should gain more exclusive dealers as they are the ones who contribute high profits to the company....

Blaine Kitchenware Inc. Debt Review

BKI may have concerns with financial distress and guaranteeing that all operational costs are covered when leverage is increased. The cost of financial distress for BKI is determined by subtracting the BKI’s weighted cost of debt, 5.22% from the the rate of interest paid by firms that are not in financial distress in the same industry, based on Moody’s AAA rating is 5.88%. This results in a 0....

Zara Company Vertical Integrated Supply Chain

ZARA is geared around speed and responsiveness providing fresh baked products. Store managers communicate customer feedback on what shoppers like, what they don’t like and what they’re looking for. That data is instantly funneled back to ZARA’s designers who begin sketching on the spot. The responsiveness effects the customer behavior as it plays role in pushing the customer to buy quickly a...

Allround Cold Medicine Case

Our advertising will continue to have the highest budget, as we need to create a new brand image for Allround and Allright products. Allround+ will continue to also have a high budget to promote its premium brand image. We will continue to have a large sales force, following our strategy to distribute the force according to sales. This will ensure our channels have continued excellent product supp...

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