Prevention of Problems and Establishment of Positive Relationship Essay

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Prevention of Problems and Establishment of Positive Relationship

As a teacher, I believe that communication is one of the most important tools in teaching. Communication happened during classroom discussions and whenever the teacher and the students discuss issues in the class (Laslett and Smith 1984). Just like in the family, an open communication aids the students and the teacher in understanding, respecting and listening to what each other have to say.

Everything especially the classroom procedure should be discussed appropriately in order to avoid misunderstanding and conflicts. If the students are fully aware about the procedures, then they will be able to avoid committing bad behavior or disobedience. Through open communication, students and teachers can establish a healthy relationship.

In addition, teachers should not be too strict to foster a friendly environment conducive for teaching and learning. Criticisms should be done in a constructive way so that students will not get embarrassed but will be motivated to do better. I also believe that praises and positive suggestions are recommended to let the students know that their works are valued.

Dealing with different types of students is one of the challenging aspects of being a teacher. In the same manner, this is also a way to learn and to develop the skills as a teacher by merely addressing the different needs of the students and coming up with a best strategy that will be effective for the entire class. Since not all the students are of the same level in terms of academic abilities, a flexible strategy is needed to address all the needs of the students without taking for granted their differences. The following are the different types of students that a teacher can encounter as well as my ways on how to deal with them.

As a teacher, it is difficult to deal with students who hardly understand everything that a teacher is saying. Examples of these students are exchanged students from China, Spain, Japan and other countries who have different language. As a general rule, it is very important that the students understand the teacher very well in order to make learning more efficient (Pagewise 2002).

 To provide a more effective learning, I primarily suggest that these students should undergo an English language and communication class so that the will learn more about the language or even at least know the meaning of the basic words. I would also recommend them to interact more often with their classmates and to participate regularly in the discussions so that they can exercise their skills in communicating in English. As a teacher, I may have the option to appoint them as group leaders so that they will be able to talk in class and get comfortable with the language.

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