Preventative methods of animal cruelty Essay

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Preventative methods of animal cruelty


By the end of this speech the audience will be able to know the proper preventative methods of animal cruelty, I also want my audience to know that animal cruelty is wrong and it shouldn’t be tolerated in any form.


How many of you have pets? And how many of you would do anything for them? As seen in a recent study (according to in the year of 2011) 13% of intentional animal abuse cases involve domestic violence, also between 25% and 40% of battered women are unable to escape abusive situations because they worry about what will happen to their pets or livestock if they leave. In saying this animal abuse goes hand in hand with domestic abuse. Animal abuse is similar to domestic abuse because they both have the ability for the batterers to show the power and control that they have over their victims. ( Previous research indicates that batterers often threaten or harm pets in order to intimidate and control their female partners.

Transition/first point: different types of abuse whether

Animal abuse can be either passive or active. ( When a person omits responsibility towards an animal is an example of passive abuse, while active abuse requires inflicting pain such as choking. This can be brought back to the comparison of animal abuse and domestic abuse, an example of passive abuse in regards to domestic abuse can be name calling swearing or making the victim feel little or like they don’t exist. An example of active abuse is physical violence such as hitting a spouse.

Transition/ Second point: Animals have personalities and feelings like humans Darwin once stated “emotions exist in non-human animals, and his evolutionary theory suggests that behavioral traits, including personality, can evolve in just the same way as fins, wings and arms,” he said. “We should realize that studying the personality of animals could help us understand a lot about human personality.” ( Although many people don’t believe it animals have feelings just like humans. They can feel pain and go through emotional distress. When an animal is mistreated and being abused they feel the same pain a person would if they were in the same situation.

Transition/ Third point: Laws that can be passed or that are passed already Laws are passed in all 50 states that prevent abuse towards both animals and humans. Anti-cruelty laws exist in all U.S states and territories to prohibit unnecessary killing, mutilating, torturing, beating, neglecting the abandonment of animals or depriving them of proper food, water or shelter. ( But these laws will never be enough. If you are in a situation in which you are confronted with animal or domestic abuse call your local police department or anyone that can help your specific situation.


I will conclude my speech by saying that animal abuse, domestic abuse, or that any kind of abuse is wrong. Animals are innocent creatures that do not have a voice of their own so why should they be mistreated? They are suffering in silence because they don’t have a voice. People need to come to the realization that animals need and deserve as much respect as any other creature, and until people start speaking up about cruelty towards animals or humans they will never be free of the cruel acts that are imprisoning them.

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