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Prettie Brianna

Name_______________________________________________Date_____________________________ 1. Show the social classes in ancient China from most important (top) to least important (bottom).

2. Why did the amount of land owned by each aristocrat decrease over time? Each aristocrat divided his land among his sons so each generation owned a smaller fraction of the original land

3. How did farmers in ancient China increase the amount of productive farmland? They built terraces into the mountain slopes

4. What three (3) farming methods helped farmers in ancient China grow more food?

a. Terrace farming
b. irrigation
c. pest control

5. How do you write the number 328 using the Chinese numbering system?


6. What is the English number for ? ______________________________________________________________________________

7. Which philosophy encourages followers to concentrate on duty and humanity? Confucianism

8. Which of ancient Chinese philosophers do you think would be most popular in the world today? Explain why you chose this philosopher. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

9. Why did Hanfeizi believe that people needed laws and punishments? To force them to do their duty

10. Describe the concept of filial piety?
Family members placed the needs of the head of the family above their own

11. Why did many aristocrats favor the philosophy of Legalism? It emphasized force and power and did not require leaders to show kindness or understanding to their subjects

12. Compare the three main classes of Chinese society
Chinese Society|
Aristocrats| Farmers| Merchants|
Land owners and nobles| Paid aristocrats for their land use | Provided goods and services to landowners| Upper class| Middle class | Lowest class|

13. How did Daoism differ from Confucianism?
Confucianism encouraged people to work hard to improve the world while Daoism taught that people should give up their concerns about the world and seek inner peace Supposed you could interview Confucius about his concept of duty. Write five questions (Q) you might ask him about the subject. Also include how he might answer (A) 14. Q__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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