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Press Release Order

The demand for International translation services has been constantly increasing for the past few years. Moreover, the growing number of Internet users every year has resulted into a similar and broader demand which is online translation. Basically, it is clear that these days, clients all over the world need quick and reliable technical translation services that they can easily access using the Internet. As a response to these demands, a leading translation company has recently expanded its business operation and has recruited professional translators who can fully meet the translation needs of clients from all around the globe.

In a general meeting held last April 1st 2008, company Manager James Tate emphasized to the employees that the adequate staff replenishment in the company have made translation services more approachable. As Tate said in the meeting, “We are all human beings as well as our clients. Some of us question this fact because of enormous amount of orders, but it is unquestionable that our clients need permanent help and support, thus, we decide to help our support and translators’ teams in order to deliver effective services to our clients”.

In the meeting, Tate further stated that the company’s current manpower that provides website translation service has constantly met the growing demands of clients in live support. According to Tate, the company is in the eventual expansive mode responding the world translation services, in which the company has grown and leading in both document translation service and foreign language translation. The manpower expansion of the company aims to deliver more professional translation services by adding twenty more high quality professional staff to double the translation capacities.

Likewise, one of the important tasks in providing assistance to clients is the adequate maintenance of a live support. Tate believes that the live support is more significant in bringing about a personalized approach to clienteles and reaching out the services towards world translation. This kind of venture in international translation service has been a breakthrough of a reinvented industry using Internet technology. This venture operates like call center which is also a booming clientele-out-sourcing business.

Likewise, the business in technical translation services is in the same league with other cyber technology innovations. In addition, some industrial technocrats perceive a looming demand in international translation services which may indicate vulnerability of competition, specifically by similar online business entities. One of the indications is the possible realignment of call centers into a one-stop-shop venture in business-process-outsourcing which may include technical translation services.

This indication may not be a remote possibility reflective on the situation of the available technical manpower and academic professionals. Generally, the company’s online translation services would radiate a more definitive employment opportunity to absorb the people’s skills and potentials that are untapped by other industries and competing job markets. These skilled translators would then eventually become the cornerstone of a bigger and

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