Presidential Symphony Orchestra of Turkey Essay

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Presidential Symphony Orchestra of Turkey

On Friday, December 24, 2004 at 20:00 the Presidential Symphony Orchestra performed very impressive “New Year Concert” with fourteen pieces from a range of composers as Johann Strauss, Giacomo Puccini, Leonard Bernstein, Johann Sebastian Bach, Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky, P. Necherporenko, Niccolo Paganini and George Gershwin. The program included different kinds of tastes from classic music. Shardad Rohani conducted, Murat Tamer as concertmaster, Khori Dastoor, Janna Kozvik and Andrei Gorbachev appeared as soloists. Although I was impressed by the whole concert, the second half made a more lasting effect on me.

The concert opened with the Yarasa Opereti Uvertürü which is written by Johann Strauss. This composition began quietly. As the string instruments played in harmony, the brass instruments (tuba) entered with a slow melody. The temper became more impressive as it developed. The tempo became faster and the texture more intense with flute entrances. The different instruments were successful one another until they eventually all entered in harmony. The trumpets were important players in the overture, effectively supported with the continuous beating of the drums and timpani.

Other work of the orchestra was West Side Story. This composition was written by Leonard Bernstein in 1957 as a type of musical and also a wonderful opera aria. The composition opened dramatically with the soprano soloist , K. Dastoor, entire ensemble playing together. The instruments moved from one chord to the next. The beautiful melody is supported by the representation of the tones of chords as seperate notes, adding warmth and emotion to the piece.

After the intermission the atmosphere became more enjoyable by the soloists, especially Andrei Gorbachev. He added Russian motifs to the compositions. At the end of these compositions he also performanced encores which are very enjoyable.

The last piece of the orchestra was the Mavi Tuna Valsi which is written by Johann Strauss. It is also one of the best waltz compositions. Orchestra performanced this piece very impressive. It made a lasting impression on me because of the harmony of the instruments kept alive the spirit of romance.

Attending this concert made me more aware of the variety of style and compositional techniques inherent in classical music. I particularly enjoyed the pieces of orchestra, as they are able to combine the different pieces in an effective manner. Also Andrei Gorbachev was very effective with his balalaika. He created interesting effects with his balalaika and orchestra. At the head of classical music, and the reason I enjoyed this concert so much, was the quality of melodies, orchestra and also pleasant and loveable behaviors of soloists. They were making audience delighted with their sympathetic behaviors.

Much of the success of this music hides in the professional representation of the performance. In this respect, Shardad Rohani and the Presidential Symphony Orchestra were able to bring out the spirit of classical music for the spirit of year 2005.

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