Presidential Essay Topics

On Why George Bush Won the 2004 Presidential Elections

The “Economic and Demographic Determinants of Presidential Voting”, a journal published in 2005 and written by Robert McNown from the Department of Economics at the University of Colorado, examines on how George Bush won the 2004 US Presidential election. McNown claimed that the area of socio-economic uniqueness of the citizenry removes the implication of statistics… View Article

Presidential Election

The democratic government of the United States of America has a different and unique of electing the head of their State. The use of Electoral College has been going on for tow centuries now. This electoral process has been used for many years. Many president of USA seated and led America because of this process… View Article

Bush V Gore

In November 7, 2000 the Presidential election took place in the US. It was found in 8th November, 2000 and reported by the Florida Division of Elections that George Bush was 1700 votes ahead of Gore making the victory margin at 0. 45%. A recount was issued and a much smaller margin was the result… View Article