President Obama’s Speech to Congress on Feb 24, 2009 Essay

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President Obama’s Speech to Congress on Feb 24, 2009

President Obama’s first address to a joint of session of Congress and to the people focuses on the immediate steps in saving the country from recession and the long term investments plans in energy, health care and education. Starting with the recession and its reality the President asks the people who are living with it, not to quit in the crucial times of American history. Though the present conditions shake the confidence of the people, he promises hope by declaring that they can recover from the crisis and rebuild the country.

He expresses that the solution for the crisis exists in the industries and educational institutions where the great entrepreneurs with their creative imagination and the educated people with better skills and qualifications can change present conditions. He thanked the Congress for making the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that helps saving or creating 2. 5 billion jobs in the coming two years. The thrust will be on reconstructing the country with better roads and bridges with better power supply.

The Recovery plan is the first step in putting the economy back on the track once again. Credit being the lifeblood of the economy, his administration is bent on saving the people and the economy by creating lending fund and restarting lending to the really needy who deserve it. It also aims at strengthening the banks and making them lend again to restart the machine of economy once again. Though these are short term measures, the long term investments will be in producing clean and renewable energy which will be doubled in three years.

He promises people with Comprehensive health care reforms and expanding education to save every American and make them healthy and competent to face any challenge in rebuilding the country. The speech concluded with an inspiring note on how common citizens with their aspiration and hope can ignite the nation to take it to newer heights. Thus, his first address to the Congress focuses on the immediate problem of recession and his plans of overcoming it and his long term plans on rebuilding the country to make it once again an American century.

Obviously, the speech restores confidence in the people and inspires them to take courageous action to rebuild their future and the country. Though it did not take into account every aspect of administration, it is clear in its focus on countering the effects of recession. References President Obama’s first address to the Congress http://latimesblogs. latimes. com/washington/2009/02/obama-text-spee. html

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