President Elect Obama Essay

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President Elect Obama

Barack Hussein Obama is recently President-elect in the United States. Born in August 4th, in Honolulu, Hawaii to Sir. Barack Obama Snr (1936-1982) who was born in Nyang’oma Kogelo in Siaya district, Nyanza province in Kenya. His mother name was Ann Dunham born in (1942-1995) in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. He has a half-sister on his mother’s side and on the father’s side two half-sisters and five surviving half-brothers. In his early years, in school and at home he was known as “Barry”.

His parents met the at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and his father enrolled in the University as a foreign student. His parents separated and divorced when he was only two years old. Obama went to Noelani Elementary School in Manoa, Honolulu for his kindergarten. After his mothers’ divorce, Ann married an Indonesian student Lolo Soetoro who was in Hawaii attending college. A military leader in Indonesia by the name Suharto became the leader in Indonesia in 1967 and all Indonesian students abroad were recalled then the family moved to Indonesia.

While in Indonesia, he first attended St. Francis Assisi Catholic School for about three years and then SDN Menteng 1 school the fourth year. While in third grade Obama wrote an essay on how he wanted to be president one day. Obama went back to Honolulu to his maternal grandparents and attended Punahou School and graduated in 1979. Obama’s mother died of uterine cancer and ovarian cancer after the publication of “Dreams from my father” 1995 memoir. Obama later continued his studies Occidental College, Los Angeles, California in America and received a B.

A. in 1983 from Colombia University in New York City. He worked as a community organizer in the state of Chicago then went to University Harvard to study law. This is where Obama became president of the Harvard Law Review as the first African American. He became lecturer on constitutional law in the University of Chicago. Obama’s family While still in Harvard, Obama met Michelle Robinson and married her in 1992. They now have two daughters: Malia Ann and Natasha born 1999, 2001 respectively.

Obama’s Political Career Obama played a roll in voter registration in Bill Clinton’s campaign back in 1992. Due to his advocacy, he ran for Illinois State Senate on a Democrat ticket and was elected 1996. As senator he worked with both Republicans and Democrats on legislations that dealt with health care, ethics, childhood education programs and an income tax credit for the working people who were poor. Some death row inmates were proved to innocent and Obama and law enforcement officials worked together to ensure that videotaping of interrogations and confessions in capital cases become mandatory.

In the year 2000 he was not successful in running for the House of Representatives seat in America and lost to Bobby Rush who was his opponent. Obama was always opposed to George W. Bush’s war in Iraq and spoke against using force on Iraq in a rally at Chicago’s Federal Plaza in October. Running for President The Democratic primary election of 2008, with elections being done in all of the 50 states became historic in a number of ways. Women and African American candidates have run for presidency in America only this time the runners were an African American and a woman.

As seven contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination began organizing in 2007, opinion polls repeatedly put Obama behind New York Senator Hillary Clinton. The Illinois Senator was successful at enlisting supporters who were largely made of the youth of America. Obama’s camp came up with an ingenious idea of focusing on smaller states that normally voted republican in most of the general elections. The adoption of this new strategy saw Obama winning the Iowa caucuses in January 3rd 2008 and on “Super Tuesday” which were the elections that were held on February 5th in 22 states.

This and other 10 victories sealed Obama’s lead in the number of delegates that Hillary could never gain. With Hillary out of the way, Obama was left to face Arizona Senator running on a republican ticket, John Sidney McCain who entered the 2008 race for the white house officially on April 25th , 2007, in an announcement in Portsmouth, New Hampshire in America. After a long campaign, McCain lost to Obama by 192 votes. Obama is now the first African- American president-elect in America awaiting his inauguration in January where he will take oath as the 44th president of America.

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