Preserve Knowledge Essay

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Preserve Knowledge

Dear Sir, Have you ever noticed how people live all their lives in the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom? As a society, we put so much emphasis upon enriching our lives through education and it never seems to dawn upon us that upon our demise, all of this knowledge we thirsted to have in life becomes a forgotten part of our existence. It bothers me when I hear about people committing suicide or killing an innocent person because all of the knowledge they gained in life goes with them to the grave and is then lost forever.

This is why I have decided that the time has come for me to write a book that will help people come to terms with their personalities and perhaps learn to appreciate their reason for being in this world in the process. If I can touch a life and prevent even one homicide of suicide case in the world, then my book ” Preserve Knowledge: The Healing of the Nation” will have accomplished its objective to save lives and preserve knowledge. Nobody really understands why people commit crimes against lives and how it affects the perpetrator spiritually.

I would like to help in understanding their situation by helping them in their healing process and introducing them to other spiritual leaders who were once lost and without direction in their lives and have now become leaders of society. Only by understanding these people and their situations will it be possible for us to communicate with our inner self and soul and eventually understand how wisdom of the mind and soul becomes a reality.

Through my book, I wish to help people come to the realization that when a person dies or is killed, everything he has learned in life becomes useless. There was no transference of knowledge to the living that are capable of propagating the knowledge shared with them by the deceased. By helping people to survive, we preserve knowledge and in the end the shared knowledge helps in empowering a nation. An intellectual nation is a rich nation. My book will concentrate on developing the 2 most important areas of development in a human being.

These are the mind and soul. It is imperative that the mind of a person be developed because the mind can be likened to an absorbent sponge that will absorb all information that comes its way. It is like a blank slate waiting to be written upon using permanent ink. Although the mind filters information, it also helps the soul develop through logical connections and thinking. The soul on the other hand helps that knowledge we collect to become part of a person’s personality and memory database.

During the times when the soul feels so tired that if seems to make more sense to end your life, a person feels hopeless. But this is not the way God intended for us to live our lives. God created man to be the highest and most intelligent form of animals because only man was tasked with the duty of taking care of our planet and recording its history. This is the main reason why all knowledge and information that each man has in his mind and soul must be shared with others.

Sharing information with the right people always helps to enrich lives. When a person feels good about himself and he has the right kind of support to help him overcome his shortcomings, the nation benefits. That person will always turn out to be a valuable asset to society and whose contribution would be solely missed if he were to take his knowledge to the grave with him. This is why it is imperative that my book “Preserve Knowledge: The Healing of the Nation” must be published.

So many lives are lost these days to suicide or homicide. Imagine all the knowledge that is snatched away from us. We should not allow the draining of this knowledge to proceed any further. Needless to say, only my book can show us how to do this. This is why I am imploring your help in order to see my book published. If you believe in the same causes that I do, this book will be a valuable asset to your personal library.

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