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Presenting Your Position Essay

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Education is an important tool to personal and professional success at this time of age. More and more companies and organizations choose to hire people who have completed their degrees. It provides the right training and knowledge to people so that they may excel in their chosen fields. The most important aspect of receiving a good education, however, is the improvements it can bring to one’s life. There are others who do not see the importance of a good education.

They argue that a person does not need to have a degree in order to be successful in life.

They further believe that it only takes determination and perseverance to make it to the top. Because there have been several people who have no academic degrees but are financially successful like Bill Gates (“Proof M. B. A. s Are Overrated”), people who feel this way about education feel stronger about their stance. However, in reality, education is more important than what most people believe.

It is very true that success needs hard work, determination, and perseverance but if a person has these three and a good education, it is more likely that he or she will succeed in life.

People who prove be in no need of an education are either very rich or are too smart for school. Looking at the real situation there are only a few people who fall in these two categories and majority of the public do need education in order to succeed and be financially stable. There are also those, particularly teenagers, who believe that receiving education is a waste of time and that they do not have to have degrees in order to have a job. While this is true, differences can be seen from the types of jobs that degree holders can get compared to that of non-degree holders.

Most jobs that non-degree holders can apply for are very low-paying and one cannot expect much growth from it. Many companies only promote employees who have completed their education. A good education will provide an individual with the knowledge and experience that he or she needs to enter the corporate world. This is where a person can learn how to make use of his or her talents and maximize these to his or her own full potential. When this is done with the proper attitude, the possibilities are endless. Being educated can also bring about respect from other people.

Although it is very discriminating and should not be practiced, educated people are given more attention and that people will hear what they have to say about certain things. It is more likely that people look up to and believe those who have a good education. Education can also lessen poverty and ignorance, which can help improve a nation’s economic status. Aside from these things, there are also numerous other benefits that a person can receive from a good education. Learning how to socialize and interact with others is one of the most essential benefits that attending school can give.

Students are exposed to other people who may or may not be different from them and this will teach them important lessons in life. Some may indicate that they can learn from books without the help of others. However, instructors are there for a reason and this is to guide students on the learning process. One can read a book and may understand it but learning is still different when there is someone who can clarify things and provide in-depth analysis of the learnings. Books, especially textbooks for school, are sometimes too complicated without the help of professors.

It is not enough to read them and then decide that the person has already learned everything because he or she may have misinterpeted some of the things that the textbook is trying to say. Personally, I believe that a person needs education because of the positive things it can contribute to one’s life and his or her country. Nowadays, due to the influence of media, people have become followers of what they see and hear around them. No one thinks anymore and nobody cares. If people are educated enough, they will have good decision-making skills and will be able to determine what would be good or bad for him or her better.

Over the years, the importance of education has been seen and has not yet been replaced by anything else. Education makes one a better person even if it is only in mental terms. Still, one must remember that education is not enough to succeed. Even if the person possesses the best education there is in the whole of the country or world for that matter, if he or she does not have the right amount of determination and strength to survive in the corporate world, then it will amount to nothing. Education should not be taken for granted, especially with the fact that not all people are able to afford it.

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