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Presentation Speech

Being an English student, it is logic that we have many hopes for a better future. Some of us would not miss the opportunity to be writers and good ones in that case. So, how do you captivate the mind of the reader bearing in mind you are not the only writer? What will make you different from the rest? These are some the simplest questions yet the most ignored. To become effective writers we need to watch out on some concepts for example, fallacious arguments, how to effectively use quotations, use of analogies, deducing conclusions and others.

However, I do not mean to bore you with so many facts because that is not my motive. All the same, I would like to talk briefly on use of words. What are unreasonable argumentative fallacies? You need to know that any senseless fact that is not well argued out is unreasonable fallacy or what we can term as a logical fallacy. Every one of us here likes to generalize. We always jump into conclusions on an ideology without having to verify it first. As a writer, any time you draw conclusions on array of facts you are just engaged in inductive reasoning. It always deals with probability and not the real thing.

But why is this so? This is simply because logic reasoning appears to us to be quite complex and only an issue that is meant for the genius. How then do you become a good writer? When you are reasoning on solutions and the problems, be fair and mention other options. Do not be mean with words. It is good to think beyond the nose and think widely and smart. It is wrong and to allege that there are two alternatives just because you do not know the rest. Laying a statement on assumptions just because we have no space to proof a point is wrong. The other issue I would like to address is on stereotypes.

When you conclude that ‘ women are difficult to handle’, ‘ politicians are dirty’ these are stereotypes and are inappropriate. Using words like ever, all, always and other direct qualifiers is inappropriate and words for example mostly, seldom, rarely can be more accurate to use. What about the use of analogies? We should learn to use analogies correctly and not falsely assume that two things are alike. For example it is irrational to conclude that ‘ if ‘God was a woman, men would be in trouble’. That is an analogy based on assumptions and makes it a false analogy. Most times as normal people we deduce conclusions.

So what is this issue of deducing conclusions? When you are writing or talking, we always come to a halt through concluding. When we deduce a conclusion we always establish that a certain principle is factual. For example we can deduce a conclusion on a certain subject foe example ‘ The second world war led to more harm than good’. That is a conclusion . Conclusion usually follows from the application of the generalization to a certain specific case. However conclusions should be logical and based on facts. The other issue that we will focus on is differentiating between legitimate and legal emotional appeals.

As future writers, there is nothing so wrong in appealing on the readers emotions. However, in describing the views of other people it is wrong to misquote or misrepresent them just to make them look bad. I do not think that is professional at all. Misquoting is taking a statement out of context and this is illegal and unfair. You should always learn to quote the right thing from the original source. Finally, you should learn to handle opposing views professionally. Through your writing, you build credibility and it is through proving yourself that you are confident to win your readers.

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