Presentation-promotion gifts Essay

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Presentation-promotion gifts

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Jackie Lee. I’m the Project Officer at a large corporation. The goal of my presentation is introduction our product, I’d like to talk about silicon watch. First, I’ll start by giving you some background information and then talk about the silicon watch how to attract new customer. Next, I’ll demonstrate the benefit and advantage of the silicon watch. Finally, we will talk a look at the target customer. This presentation will provide Q&A section of the end. Before I started, allow me please to ask you a few question. How many people think Silicon watch enable your high-tech lifestyle and best your needs? If you want these things, then you want the silicon watch. Initially, I’d like to begin with some background information. As you all know, watch market has been initiated into intensive competition market. Each company with advanced technology, innovative skills and integrated marketing strategies while designing the product by corporate promotional gifts, it encourages us to create ideas for further development. So we can create new feature into promotion gifts. Feature:

-Silicon watch has a system of measuring the individual health condition, which can work out how much nutrition you been. -Silicon watch can trace your position since installation the latest tool of GPS. -Most crucially, silicon watch enables you fulfil different payment at any time shopping. -Silicon watch can develop more capable than traditional nutrition device and it’s more portable than smartphone with hardy a lighter shape. In other word, it must remarkable function in watch market which can addresses the needs of shorter and obese guys in particular. No doubt, this is a must-have item for all forms in payment. Each smart watch says they are best brand. In fact they are not to solve the problem with current market. So we are show design originality and aesthetic value can best your needs and lifestyles. So, that is all for my presentation. Thank you, it was a real pleasure to speak to such a great audience. And I would like to say how much I appreciate you all for coming down here today to listen any presentation. Thanks again, so are there any questions?

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