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As a matter of introduction, I would provide the students with all relevant information concerning the topic in question and thereafter introduce the use of graphic organizers. Firstly, I would let the students be in pairs and assign them a task which will require the two to discuss. I would henceforth combine several pairs of the students to form a small group for purposes of discussion. Thereafter, I would join the small groups to form the whole class and therefore let them work as a class.

The first step of teaching the students helps them to learn all the required concepts before they are allowed to master the concepts through graphic organizers (Danford, 2006). Step two which has given two students the chance to read through their books and hence gather information. The sub-groups on the other hand helps the students to compare any information they came up with and therefore be able to decide what was the required information. Given that the groups will have drawn a conclusion, the whole class shall benefit when the results are read by different leaders of the small groups.

Finally, I would request the students to all write a report individually which shows their masterly level. The next step in my plan would be to help the students be able to attain the objectives of the lessons as per the requirements. This I would help the students to achieve the right information for the specific class. Graphic organizers would be best to use where I would allow the students to identify the required concepts of the lesson. Most students would be able to assimilate all the information about a specific lesson only when they are given a brief summary which contains the objectives of the lesson (Adams, 2007).

Therefore, graphic organizers would help me to summarize all the required concepts for students to understand easily. With this I would let the students know that the objectives of the specific lesson are summarized in the graphic organizer. The following is an example of a graphic organizer that highlights on events which depend on certain inputs and specific requirements for the output to be as desired. The above graphic organizer has elaborated on how the required results of the task would not be got without the input which has to go through certain processing to attain the required specification.

Michael (2004) observed that this type graphic organizer helps the students during their revision to spot the necessity of specific requirements for the output to be as desired. Students shall hence be in a position to formulate several relating questions especially on the requirements for the output to be as specified. Mostly the graphic organizer will hence be of help to the students especially in identifying the right flow of the required process before they get the final result.

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