Present Complex Internal Business Information Essay

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Present Complex Internal Business Information

Present complex internal business information using three different methods appropriate to the user’s needs In this assignment I will present internal business information using three different types of communication methods which are appropriate to the user’s needs. The three types of methods I have chosen are written, on screen multimedia presentation and verbal presentations. I have chosen ASDA to do my research upon. ASDA is a global supermarket which sells groceries, electrical equipment, general domestic equipment, toys and clothing. It is now subsidiary of the American store Wal-Mart. Today they are the UK’s second-largest chain by market share. Written- written communication involves any type of interaction that makes us use the form of a written word. It is one of the main types of communication used. Written communication is used a lot in a business as written communication involves reports, letter, instruction, agreements, memos and policies.

Written communication is the most appropriate when detailed instructions are required, when something needs to be documented, or when the person is too far away to easily speak with over the phone or in person. ASDA uses this type of communication to communicate without different people in the hierarchy system or to one of their customers. It is appropriate to the user’s needs because written communication is precise and explicit. It also allows the manager to get in contact with someone easily without hassle. On-screen multimedia presentation- on screen presentation means any sort of information that is presented on the screen. It can be written so the user can read it. It can be in the form of a video clip with sound and images aswell.

This can be used by the board of directors and managers when showing key information about the business. It is appropriate to the user’s needs because it allows you to show information and has a variety in ways which you can do so. The data can be in any form. Verbal communication- verbal communication has more to do with listening then speaking as you are always dealing with an audience. Verbal communication is best when you need to discuss something in detail. There are two types of verbal communication. One is through an electrical device and the second is face-to-face. With verbal communication it allows quick response. Asda uses verbal communication because you can say precisely what you mean without any confusion. It allows passage of accurate information. Verbal information is used everywhere in ASDA.

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