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Prequel to Of Mice and Men Essay

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Said George.. ”The must beautiful woman ive ever seen in my sad and lonely life”, answered Jackson. Jackson paused for a moment and stared, ”Quick come ‘ere”, said Jackson as he waved Lennie and George towards the door,. ”Set your eyes on that boys”. Lennie and George rushed to the door and peered out, they could see a perfectly figured woman with slick brown hair wearing a rosy red dress down to her knees with her crafted legs shining in the Californian sun, she seemed like a fairy tale walking with a red wild orchid in her hand. George said, ”Who is she? What’s a beautiful gal like that doing in a hell hole of a place with a ranch? ”.

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”She’s the boss’s daughter I believe, she doesn’t come here often, she just comes to visit her father once in a while, she loves it here, all peaceful and all o’ men, the hell I do for a gal like her”, Jackson replied with a sigh. ”then why don’t you go out there and talk to her? ” asked Lennie still staring at the beautifully coloured girl. ”Hell no, if the boss finds out I been talking to his daughter he’d kick me out of the ranch without any pay! it’s a fools game to go playing around with any boss’s daughter”. George with his hands on his hips turned away and said, ”Yeah well that’s just another thing guys like us cant have in this world”.

Jackson looked at George and sighed once more and walked out past Lennie who was still stood at the door. ”What you doin’ Lennie? ”. Lennie looked straight to the floor and replied, N.. n… nothing George I was, I was jus’ looking at that pretty lady out on the…. the”, before Lennie could finish George interrupted and walked up to Lennie and said in a unwelcoming manor, ”Listen Lennie, you stay away from her you hear me? ” ”Yes George”, said Lennie in an apologetic sense. ”I mean it Lennie, stay away from her and stay out o’ trouble”. ”Ye ye yes George I promise”, stuttered Lennie. ” Lets get some sleep, gone be a hard day tomorrow”, George said assertively.

Lennie walked towards his bed with his hand in his pocket, he turned to face the wall, George looked at his back and could see his arms twitching as if he was moving his fingers, ”What you doing Lennie? ” George said sternly. Lennie jumped and put something in his pocket and quickly stood up, ”What’s that you just put in your pocket Lennie? ” ”Nothing George”. ”I said what’s that in your pocket Lennie! ”, repeated George raising his voice. ”Empty your pocket! ”, George exclaimed. Lennie slowly put his hand in his pocket and picked out a little mouse that seemed to be dead, ”Lennie what have I told you about those damn mice, you killed the poor little thing by petting it too damn hard, you got to be careful, you cant go round killin’ little animals all the time”,.

”I didn’t mean to George it was just in my pocket and I… ”, Lennie said in a stutter George grabbed the mouse from Lennies strong hands and threw it out the window, when George turned round he saw that Lennie had moved onto his bed all curled up and facing the wall. George sighed and tucked himself into bed. The next morning the men were woken up by a bell and the sun was shooting through the tattered window of the ranch house, birds were singing and there was a gentle breeze in the air to comfort the stabbing rays of sunlight bearing down on the vast brown crop filled landscape5/10/2007. Lennie and George got up for breakfast and were happy to finally have a nice warm day.

George was getting ready putting his gloves on to start carrying grain bags when he noticed that his partner Lennie was with him, George carried on working because he knew that the boss wouldn’t be happy if he stopped working. Soon the lunch break came and George was worried about if Lennie got lost of in trouble of some sort, George went searching for him all over the ranch and he came to the barns where they keep important machinery and stacks of hay weighing tonnes 20 feet high, George could hear talking in one of them, he stopped outside and listened and he could hear that it was Lennie talking inside with also a soft womans voice aswell.

”Whats a big boy like you doing in this barn? ”, asked the girl. ”I was just looking for , for a mouse I saw run in here”, replied Lennie with his eyes gazing at the floor not even looking at the girl. ”A mouse? Why you looking for a mouse? Aren’t you supposed to be working? ”, asked the girl, Lennie looked up and could see it was the girl he saw last night and she was wearing that same rosy red dress that he couldn’t keep his eyes off, ”I like your dress”, said Lennie smiling with a huge smile on his face, ”Why thank you young man”, the girl said starting to blush, the girl moved closer to Lennie and Lennie shot his head facing the floor again. ”What’s the matter big guy?

”, asked the beautiful girl, Lennie looked up again and stared at the girls dress for a moment, he reached out his hand and touched the bottom cloth of the dress and he has a smile of his face that could have been seen miles away, suddenly the girl cried out squawking is disarray as if she had been attacked, George rushed in and could see Lennie holding onto this girls dress and his face all confused and scared, as the girl was fighting Lennie just gripped on tighter because he didn’t know what to do, George shouted at Lennie, ”Let go Lennie! Leg go! ”. Lennie wouldn’t let go, he was all messed up about the whole thing, in the end George had to sock him over the head to make him let go, the girl ran off shouting to the top of her voice, George drabbed Lennie and told him, ”We gotta get out o’ here now Lennie you stupid son of a bitch! ”. George could hear more shouting coming from the fields and dogs barking, George shouted at Lennie,

”You always have to touch things don’t ya Lennie, anything you like you just have to touch! ”. George and Lennie ran towards the empty ranch house and grabbed what they needed quickly, the barking dogs were getting louder and closer and they knew that they had to leave Weed fast. They made their way behind the ranch house into a long but narrow barley field that hadn’t been harvested yet, there were small irrigation ditches either side of the field filled with murky stagnant water which had been boiling in the baking heat of the midday. Lennie and George sprinted as fast as they could running down the left edge of the field, the dogs and the angry mob were just popping over the view of George and Lennie,

”Quick down here”, George shouted as he grabbed Lennie’s arm and tugged him into the warm unpleasant water, there was a big splash as Lennie entered the water, ”Come to the edge Lennie quick! ”, ordered George, Lennie scuttled moving great forces of water to reach George. They both cooped themselves tight against the bank hiding among reeds hoping not to be seen by a passing patrol, ”Now keep quiet Lennie, we don’t want to get into any more trouble”, Said George, ”Ok George im sorry I didn’t mean to get in no trouble I didn’t”, Lennie answered while covering his head with wild grass. The day went on longingly, with them still hiding from the men back in the ranch who still pursued their search.

To the south west there was a great wood filled with pine trees standing tall, the sun was setting casting a reddened shadow across them. ”When it gets dark enough Lennie were going to make our way over in them trees”, George said sternly, ”Ok George ok”. The sun set still leaving a glow over the vast landscape, George and Lennie made their way into the woods. A few miles south of Soledad, the Salinas river drops in close to the hillside bank and runs deep and green Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE John Steinbeck section.

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