Preparing to Conduct Business Research Essay

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Preparing to Conduct Business Research

The Fitbit Company is always in search of new ideas and products to develop to meet an ever evolving technology market. In order for the company to achieve success, there must be constant research, innovation, and market strategy. The Fitbit product is the flagship of the company and enjoys enormous popularity. However, in order to keep the product relevant, new ideas must be brought to the table. The designer Fitbit will be the newest product in a successful line of devices.

In order for the product to be successful, a roadmap will need to be laid out showing how the company will prepare for the production and release of the product. Anytime a new product is planned to be marketed, business research is conducted to allow leadership the opportunity to make sound decisions about the device. The new designer Fitbit will reenergize the Fitbit line creating new buzz about the existing technology. It will also fill a space in the market for consumer who want the utility of the Fitbit with the style of a designer watch. Finally, it will help boost current sales by bringing in a new consumer base that was previously untapped. One of the most important ways by which the company can satisfy these objectives is through the use of strict and professional business research.

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