Preparing a Virtual Workstation Essay

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Preparing a Virtual Workstation

To be able to launch Windows 7 virtual machine on any computer in our labs without triggering the WGA antipiracy warning.

Lab 1 Worksheet: 1 Preparing a Virtual Workstation
Question 1: What is the current screen resolution?
My current screen resolution is 800×600. I would have prefer this resolution, because I can slide between the virtual machine and my main computer.

Question 2: What security advantage does displaying the login screen on resume offer?

Some security advantages that displaying the login screen on resume offer is that it offers security from anyone coming along and taking a look at what you were working on. As well as gaining access to your computer and all your data.

Question 3: How did changing the theme affect your display?

Changing the theme will affect the cursors color, selections and icons.

Question 4: What other file type option are available?

The other file type options that are available is CD .ISO or DVD .ISO.

Based on Lab 1, I was able to launch Windows 7 in the virtual machine without triggering the WGA antipiracy. To know how to adjust the current screen resolution and the benefits of having a login screen on resume for security purpose. Finding that changing the theme for personalizing the computer and how to create an .iso image with Roxio Creator DX.

Zacker, Craig. (2012). Windows 7 Configuration Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Exam 70-680. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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