Prepare a Character Part in a Play

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All of the actors, whether they are professional or just amateur ones, always reckon that preparation in a play is half a battle in making sure of doing the part well. This step helps the actor know in depth about the script and his character as well as brings him opportunity to practise carefully on his own. If you want to make it successfully, you must always go through three main stages below. First of all, read the script as much as possible, at least 3 times.

It does not mean that you must learn by heart the whole script, but understand it, discover what is hidden or not yet revealed.

The more you comprehend the script, the more easily you do your part. That is due to the character is a part of story and his thinking, his behavior are totally based on the story. Therefore, let’s try to pay your attention to all scene discriptions, ask yourself why, when and where for every event.

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Even you can take notes on a separate sheet of paper about all the characters. If you do so, you will have an overview of the whole screenplay. The next stage is analysing your character in all aspects. You must study his behaviors, his words as well as his style of dressing or working.

More specifically, you have to hear and see the characters in their immediacy, and to always remain open and sensitive not only to what they do and say but what is implied by what they do and say.

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When one reads from “inside the story world”, rather than as an unwilling or gawking spectator, one intersects and interacts with the characters at approximately the same emotional depth at which they are operating. Let’s take yourself in the place of your character, try to ask yourself why, when, where for every his action. Once you have a thorough grasp of your part, you can make the last stage.

An English saying:”Practice makes perfect” and in case of preparing for a part, this statement is totally right. You have analysed both script and character, but that is not enough. You must have a process of practice what you had acquired through the last two stages. You should speak out loud the dialogues combining with using the body language and the expression of your face. Expressing the part as if you are the character, or rather you must forget all about who you are temporarily. You may ask others for considering your way of playing.

By this external way, you will realise what your weak points are to improve more effectively. Finally, I am sure that you are totally ready for doing your part well. Taking all the above into account, we can see that prepare for a part in a play includes three stages which require you so much arduous effort. But it is not difficult at all if you have a real passion for acting the play and follow three steps in the right way. The more carefully you prepare, the better you do your part. Your preparation is a firm basis for your success in making a strong impression with spectators.

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