Pregnancy and Mother Hood Essay

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Pregnancy and Mother Hood

For my narrative/descriptive essay I chose to write about becoming a mother. There are positives and negatives about being a teenage mother but I choose to always look at the good. My son wasn’t planned but he isn’t a mistake either. I only have one child for the moment but from this experience I’m still debating on having more. This had been one long and challenging journey but it was all worth it in the end.

Childbirth is a Powerful & Exciting experience all at the same time. The way I found out that I was expecting was a challenge alone. Once I noticed I was loosing an extensive amout of weight, confused and clueless I went to the doctor to get answers. While in the doctors office I had blood work done as well as a pregnancy test. The test came back negative as I expected being that I was on birth control. Ring Ring. About thirty minutes later, I received a phone call from the doctors office asking me to come back because my pregnancy test changed to positive. Once I get back to the doctors office, the nurse took a blood sample. Fifteen to thirty minutes passed and then my life changed. It was confirmed that I was two months pregnant. Young and scared, I’m now about to be a teenage mother. I just graduated and was trying to go off to college and within fifteen to thirty minutes that dream was taken away.

The next seven months were challenging and educational. Over the next seven months, I was going to doctor appointments and gaining more and more weight. The time has now come to meet my beautiful baby boy. I was admitted to the Baptist Memorial Hospital at 5:00 a.m. on Febuary 14,2011. While at the hospital there is so much going on around you the you sometimes get side tracked on what’s really going on and go into a zone of your own. While laying there waiting to see what happens next there is the sound of the nurses feet constantly coming in and out your room along with visitors. Once the contractions start to come then the journey to motherhood begins. After dialating to about 7-8 centimeters I then have a choice of getting an epidural. (a drug used to numb your body from waist down).

I had signed up for one but didn’t plan on using it. Once the epidural Is given then most or sometimes all the pain is gone. After I was at about five centimeters my labor stood still. I had the choice of an c-section or getting an epidual to speed the process up the process. I chose the epidural to keep from being left with a permanent scar. Now is time to start pushing and once I started the beeping of machines, sounds of voices, phones ringing, and all other activity around your is tuned out. All that matters to me now is delivering my healthy baby boy. Three long, entensive push and Bray’lon lamar jones enters the world. He arrived Febuary 25,2011 @ 7:44 weighting 6lbs and 6 ozs. During the whole journey through all ups and downs in the end it was all worth it because of my son.

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