Preferred language style Essay

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Preferred language style

Your questions should focus on how the counselor develops with clients. For example you may ask questions such as If a client asked you how you work or about your orientation to helping, what would you say? Or simply` How do you build relationships with clients, and what suggestions do you have for a new counselor in training? Or ` How do you deal with people who don’t want counseling or aren’t open to the process. And are mandated to be there by state. Please read the page from the text about building relationships it will help provided ideas

Thanks Lethax In my session, I would be interviewing a psychologist who would be performing psychotherapy or ‘talk therapy’ for his patients or clients. The main purpose of the interview is to get an idea of the services the psychologists would be providing and the manner in which they would be managing the patients. These are the set of questions to be asked: – What are your professional qualifications and do you have a professional license to practice psychotherapy? How many years have you been practicing?

What is your area of specialization and interest? In your practice, do you ensure that you stick to a professional code of ethics? What is the nature of your clients? What are the problems they come with? Do you provide treatment on the advice of another professional? Do you have to maintain confidentiality of information of your clients? Do you share this information with anyone else? If you have to secure this data on a system, how do you do it? Do you maintain relationships with the client or the family/parents?

Do you read books or other literature in order to gain more information regarding better development of relationships with the clients? Whilst conversing with the clients do you make assumptions or judgments? How do you gain the trust of your clients? What are the means by which you would be able to develop a rapport with the patients (formal and informal interactions)? What are some of the challenges that you face whilst establishing a relationship and how do you cope with them?

How do you motivate your clients (monetary or non-monetary means)? How do you come to a treatment plan for a particular patient? Do you follow any guidelines that you would be using whilst treating patients? Do you publish the information so that patients visiting you can know before hand? What are your likes and dislikes regarding the profession? Do you experience similar patients or patients having different types of problems?

References: Kaye, K. (1998), Interviewing a Psychologist, Retrieved on October 17, 2007, from

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