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PRAN Fresh Milk

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Executive Summary

PRAN Fresh Milk started its journey in the year 2003 under the company named PRAN Dairy Ltd. and surprisingly it has the largest market share in the Bangladesh market right now. They introduced UHT milk for the first time in the Bangladesh market and got a huge response which eventually gives them today’s position in the milk market. They have three types of fresh milk currently in the market:

  1. PRAN UHT Milk
  2. PRAN Pasteurized Milk
  3. PRAN Milkman Slim Milk

PRAN Pasteurized milk starts its journey in 2003 and PRAN UHT milk starts its journey in 2007.

Though they are still in their early ages, still they have a significant market share because of their strong distribution channel and energetic sales forces. For UHT milk they have total 70% market share and they are in the leading position. In the pasteurized category, they are trying hard and soul to become the market leader. With nearly 30% of total market share they are the in the third position and a close competitor of Milk Vita and Arong who entered the market in 1980 and in 1998 respectively.

Though their per day sales volume is nearly 5000-1000 liters less than their competitors which is very little is number and they are hoping to overcome this in the near future in case of pasteurizing milk market.

PRAN Fresh Milk has a strong collection, distribution and sales team which is important for the growth of any business.

PRAN Fresh Milk collects the raw milk generally from the farmers of the North Bengal.

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To collect the raw milk PRAN has 5 hubs and in each hub they have 20-22 milk village collection centers. In total, they collect an average 1.2 lac liters of milk daily from 12000 farmers of 101 villages of Bangladesh. PRAN is always trying to enrich the quantity and quality of their milk collection. In this regard, they always have some development programs for the rural farmers of the country which eventually have a positive impact in the country’s economy. For processing the raw milk PRAN has their own large factory with all the modern machinery in Baghpara, Narsinghdi. After processing the potential distribution and sales team gives their best send PRAN Fresh Milk at consumers’ doorstep.

PRAN Fresh Milk could read the customers’ need and came up with the technologically advanced idea UHT milk and now they the pioneer in the Bangladesh Milk market.

As Bangladesh is a milk shortage country and needs to import a huge quantity of powder milk every year, PRAN’s dream is to minimize it and ensuring that every citizen of the country is consuming enough milk to remain healthy. They also feel their corporate social responsibility to ensure enough supply for the nation as during various occasions such as Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-azha, Ramadan, puja, pohela boishakh, SSC Result, HSC Result they are still lagging behind serving country demand.

Historical Background

Our product is PRAN Fresh Milk. PRAN Fresh Milk is a product of PRAN Dairy LTD. PRAN Dairy LTD is a venture of PRAN-RFL Group.

PRAN stands for ‘Programme for Rural Advancement Nationally’.

PRAN is Bangladesh’s substantial agronomist and processor of fruits and vegetables. Presently PRAN is producing more than 200 food products under 10 different categories.

The climate of Bangladesh is agriculture friendly. This concept has accelerated PRAN to grow their business in this sector of agriculture and Agro-business. Their main aim is to create employment for the mass people and improve their livelihood.

As our country is milk deficit country, the idea of PRAN Fresh Milk products generate from there to meet the shortage as well as to serve the nation.

PRAN Fresh Milk has three categories under this product such as:

  1. PRAN UHT Milk
  2. PRAN Pasteurized Milk
  3. PRAN Milkman Slim Milk

PRAN Fresh Milk has started their journey at 2003. At first, they have launched PRAN Pasteurized Milk. This is fresh milk. Its packaging type is pouch pack.

They are a market leader in the case of UHT milk. They are the 1st dairy company that launched UHT milk in Bangladesh as PRAN UHT Milk in 2007. UHT stands for Ultra-High Temperature processing or Ultra-Heat Treatment. UHT is a food processing technology that sterilizes liquid food by heating it above 135 °C – the temperature required to kill spores in it, for 2 to 5 seconds.

PRAN UHT Milk is UHT processed, pasteurized full cream milk.

PRAN Milkman Slim Milk is basically for fit and active life seekers. This is healthy, low fat, UHT liquid milk.

Marketing Goals and Objectives

Marketing of a product starts before its production or manufacturing. So in marketing plan to determine the marketing goals and objective is very crucial.

Sales Objectives

Sales objective can be defined as a part of a company’s marketing plan where common goals are identified by the company’s marketing team and work on it. These common goals are revenue target, profit margins, distribution partners, targeted demographics and advertising.

There are two types of sales objectives:

  1. Quantitative Objectives
  2. Qualitative Objectives

Quantitative Objectives

Retain and Capture Market Share:

PRAN is the current market leader in UHT and pasteurized milk category.

They produce more than 70% of UHT milk and nearly 30% pasteurized milk of the total milk market of Bangladesh.

In the case of UHT milk, they have the maximum number of market share from the very beginning to today’s date. They are the pioneers in this market and their main objective is to give their best to sustain this big market.

In the case of pasteurized milk, they are gaining some of the market shares of their close competitor Milk Vita from the last 2 to 3 years. Their sales objective is to increase sales in Jatrabari, Motijheel, Dhanmondi, Mohammadpur, Mirpur, and Uttara where their sales revenue is less compared to their competitors.

Determine Sales Volume:

They have a team to determine their sales volume. In a particular area, per day how many liters of milk is needed to meet the demand of available of market, they keep track of this data for further market forecasting demand and opportunity analysis.

New Customers:

PRAN having a significant brand image is doing its best to connect with its customers as well as target different types of customers. PRAN Milkman Slim Milk is one the best example of PRAN Fresh Milk. This category’s target customers are those who are health conscious and having doctor’s recommendations for consuming low-fat milk.

They are now focusing on digital marketing to attract the younger generation. By this digital marketing, they are giving message about their milk production process, industry, employment as well as awareness of the necessity of consuming a certain amount of milk daily.

Qualitative Objectives:

Meet Nutritions Need:

The main objective of PRAN Fresh Milk is to see Bangladesh fulfilling its shortage of milk in next 10 years. So that the nutrition shortage gets fulfill and every child, every woman, every worker, every senior citizen of Bangladesh get their necessary nutrition in their doorstep at an affordable price.

Employment Service:

Total PRAN Fresh Milk collection system is called HUB system. There are 101 HUB in all over the country. In every HUB there is 20-22 Milk collection centers. 12k Farmers are working in HUB system. Moreover, in sales team, the supply chain team have been created a large amount of employment facility throughout the country.

Assist Dealer Selling Product Line:

In some areas PRAN Fresh Milk faces market competition with Milk Vita such as – Jatrabari, Motijheel, Dhanmondi, Mohammadpur, Mirpur, Uttara. To assist the dealer they spread leaflets in those areas, spread with newspaper to reach people’s doorstep. They also follow some market penetration strategy.

Profit Objectives:

PRAN Fresh Milk has started their journey in 2003. In the past 15 years they have faced so many ups and downs, profit and lose both in a situation to situation. They have overcome all these situations very tactfully.

At the same time, they feel their corporate social responsibilities towards the society. From that perspective, their main objective meet the milk need of every consumer of Bangladesh in the near future.

Pricing Objectives:

Pricing of PRAN Fresh Milk mainly depends on four factors. They are

  • Purchase(Raw Material) Cost
  • Processing Cost
  • Marketing/distribution/sales overhead
  • Industrial/ Manufacturing overhead

Here Marketing/ distribution/ sales overhead is a variable cost and is the key point that makes PRAN Fresh Milk unique from its competitors. PRAN has a strong sales and distribution team. As a result, they can read the market demand and work consequently.

In case of rural areas, it is still a challenge for PRAN Fresh Milk to come up with distribution costs, as in those areas the concept of packet milk still new. The rural people still prefer to buy local market open milk. They are not aware of hygiene issues. So one of the main objectives is to make awareness among the rural people.

Product Objectives:

Product Quality:

Milk is very sensitive product. Milk needs to be cold very quickly just after collection. One of the product objectives of PRAN Fresh Milk is to ensure product quality. PRAN Fresh milk is the following 2 types packaging policy.

6 layer Tetra Pak Packaging for UHT Milk

3 layer Packaging for Pasteurized Milk

In this layers microleakage can happen which may not be visible in human eyes. This leakage can happen due to the wrong handling during distribution.

PRAN Fresh Milk follows the International 1% damage return policy in case of any kind of damaged product.

Customer Care Service:

To sell a product, at a time we have to ensure the customer service to sustain the market as well as grave the new market. Sometimes people gives a product second time not only for the product quality but also for the customer service.

PRAN Fresh Milk is maintaining a good relationship to its dealers and their dealers are also trained to maintain this relationship with the consumers. PRAN has a potential sales team, by which they are ensuring this customer service from dealer end.

Currently by digital marketing PRAN can directly interact with their consumers and provide the answers of their different queries.

Market Analysis

According to Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation (FAO), an adult person whether (he/she) need to consume 250ml milk everyday for being healthy. So the target consumer of milk do not depend on age and sex. But beyond these two categories in our society there are some social terms which need to be analysis to capture the market properly.

A popular market analysis model is STP Model. This model consists of three steps:

  1. Segmentation
  2. Targeting
  3. Positioning


A product or brand cannot satisfy everyone’s needs. So segmentation is needed to list out all potential market segments a brand product or brand could target.

Geographic Segmentation: PRAN Fresh Milk divide their market into different geographic locations. In geographic segment population size, distribution channel, distribution time, climate, electricity facility, people’s mentality work as some important factors.

In the case of pasteurized milk supply, they have to think about electricity facility, as it requires refrigerators to maintain a certain amount of temperature. On the other hand, for UHT milk there is no such kind of barrier.

Demographic Segmentation: Demographic segmentation for milk depends on occupation, income, religion etc. Consumers’ purchasing patterns depends on their occupation and gross monthly income of a family. Some people never look at product price rather they think about product quality on their other hand some people at first ask about product price over product quality according to their purchase capability.

Religion is a fact in case of religious occasion such as Eid-ul-fitr, Eid-ul-azha, Durga puja, Ramada, Christmas etc.

Psychographic Segmentation: Psychographic refers consumers personality, interest, attitude, activities, opinions, lifestyles, beliefs, values.

Behavioral Segmentation: Behavioral segmentation divides consumers into groups according to their observed behaviors.

Some are a first time user, some are regular users,some are occasional user, some are non-user. For example, a certain number of people buy milk on a regular basis, but during any religious or cultural occasion people of every level country buy milk to make desserts.

Some consumers are loyal to the brand, some switcher, some are non-loyal, some are lapsed

Some people are technology advanced people, they appreciate any kind of new technology such as UHT milk.


Targeting means which segments to enter or which segments to serve by the product. PRAN Fresh milk different

General people: Pasteurized milk is cheaper than UHT milk. So its target market is people who have budget limitations.

Working people: The main benefit of UHT milk is that, it does not need to be boiled. Thus it saves our time. So, it is a blessing for working people who have a very tight schedule. For those working people it is a very easy solution and a glass of nutrition which provides them a lot of energy to conduct their daily activity.

Technologically Advanced people: Technologically advanced people appreciate this new technology UHT milk as this does not need to preserve in the refrigerator.

Travelers: UHT milk does not require to boil or to refrigerate. It does not any extra effort. So it is travel friendly and easy to consume anywhere. Those who go for expedition is remote and adventurous areas, they can easily carry it to meet their nutrition shortage.

Health Conscious People: PRAN Milkman Slim Milk is designed for health-conscious people who want to stay fit and healthy. The target customer is mainly aged people who are suffering from cholesterol, diabetics or bulky people.


Positioning means serving the target customers in the best way compared to the competitors. So, positioning is all about how customers think about a product or service or brand.

Pioneer in UHT Milk: They grab the milk market of Bangladesh when they first launched UHT milk. At that time, they made people to buy their product with their introducing UHT technology. They are still the market leader.

Sales Team & Collection Team: The key factor that makes their business different from other competitors is PRAN’s sales team and collection team.

  • They have potential sales team throughout the country who track the sales volume every market.
  • They have a total 5 milk collection hubs, under these hubs, they have total of 101 village collection centers.
  • Sales Team & Collection Team: The key factor that makes their business different from other competitors is PRAN’s sales team and collection team.
  • They have potential sales team throughout the country who track the sales volume every market.
  • They have a total 5 milk collection hub, under this hubs, they have total 101 village collection centers.

General store: As Bangladesh is a developing country, a large number of people’s purchasing habits is to buy product nearest general store. These general stores are basically the retail centers of the distribution channels. PRAN Fresh Milk has a strong distribution channel to ensure the availability of products in every retail center.

Super shop: The upper class or middle-class people of the society do their grocery shopping from different super shops, such as – Shwapno, Meena Bazaar, Agora, Unimart etc. For this target of customers PRAN Fresh milk is available at this super shops.

Online shop: For working people it is very convenient for them to buy product from online. PRAN Fresh milk is available in various online shopping websites such as,, etc. From these websites they just place order, and products get to their doorsteps.

Sales Team & Collection Team: The key factor that makes their business different from other competitors is PRAN’s sales team and collection team.

They have potential sales team throughout the country who track the sales volume every market.

They have a total 5 milk collection hubs, under these hubs, they have total 101 village collection centers.

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