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Practicing Report Essay

It is in JINXIU travel agency that I have my practice. There are six departments and I was in two departments: treatmemt department and ticket department. My job is receiving guests in the office and ordering plane ticket for costomers, and some times I also answered the phone, helping visitors understand traveling route of travel agency or taking tickets for them. Because tourism is a service industry, so I want to learn how to communicate with different People and learn some business about travel agency.

Must pay attention to others’ every action and every movement, must learn the skill which converses with the visitor. This is I learns the most useful experience in the travel agency. Through this experience, I received some knowledge we must understand first as follows, First, I ought to kown the traveling place’s inside and outside traffic and the environment protection. Second, the travel agency’s service regulations and management tips. Third, the travel agency’s nature and management business and management model.

Travel agency is the professoinal organazation which provides traveling service for people. Since the professioal nature, the tourism is the service industry. It provides meal, hotel, route etc service. Service atitude is very important in tourism. You ought to smile to every person in order to make them finding you are friendly. And I must strive for the opportunity. Regarding this point, I have the depth experience. Because is an intern, therefore the company cannot invest too many resources to you.

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The company thought the practiceborns with is the practice finished must return to the school tostudy, future not necessarily will be able in the practice unit work. Often practised the unit to arrange the work for you, could not specially teach you more things. After I entered company period oftime, I realize this question. How then solves this problem? Whenever after I complete the work task, I all can help other staff to handlesome trivial matters on own initiative. For example: Printing, typing, scheduling.

This procedure advantage is obtains outside other staffs’ favorable impressions, they in unconsciously center already relied on you, some matters were used to it you to do. Thus, I have the opportunity to ask for advice other staffs, learns more knowledge,obtains more experiences. In addition, I must work hard and serious. I found everything is not easy. I can’t make any mistakes when I check the plane ticket or seting a fax, or I can make a worse consequence. And I also should be careful for my writing, it’s very important to make other people understand you meaning well.

From this experience, I feel sincere to every person are so important, if you are sincere to others, they can sincere to you too. Sincere is very important to communicate with others. And whatever you do, patience and obligation are so important, you should be calm down first and you can do it well. Each internship is a student must have some experience, it enabled us to understand the social practice, we learned a lot in the classroom attendance less than the fundamental knowledge, but also opened up a vision and experience, as we move further toward the community after laying a solid foundation.

But this experience also make me recognize a lot of shortcomings for myself. It competes very seriously between travel agencys. You not only should take hold of professional knowledge but also you should understand how to get along with different people. I find I’m lack of education and experience. It’s very different between school and social. I feel the theory which learned in school are not the same to the work concept. That’s the reason why we are practice. It can make me strengthen and understand the knowledge in class and bring up our living capability.

I am a foreign language professional tourism students and I learn in books on the management aspects of the knowledge and English, it seems easy to understand, but not put into practice. During this experience, to the unit after the internship experience difficulty of how to personally stood up to the time before aware of their knowledge, abilities and experience is how the lack of. During the internship, I have broadened our horizons, a growth of knowledge, experience the brutal competition in society. And I have to talk about something about traveling.

First, I found some advertisements in the newspapers and magazines published the almost same routes as in the dining trip accommodation, transport and other more or less the same by diffenent travel agency. because this is the same single product, Leading to big price war among travel agencies, travel agencies are bring down the price of a line, which will inevitably lead to a decline in the quality of service, and travel agencies also do not want to develop new tourist routes and tourism products, as a new tourist route development requires substantial financial resources. Spent a great cost.

And the development of the new line will be out soon after the other copy to use travel agents, this would weaken the competitiveness of the travel agency, so it is imperative to strengthen the tourism property rights, not just the protection of the right to travel, but also to consumers in general to embody a new surprise. Second, theguided tours of service quality dorpped. Tour guides, they led a group of very rich experience, on average, they have 2 or 3 years of work experience, their qualifications compared to other places for education is high, tour guides have evidence, but most are primary or middle level.

High Guides did not have Chinese as a foreign language tour guide for the lack of qualified personnel, which guides the basic wage less money in general and how many number of times a group linked to the group also earn more. Third, The travel industry is characterized by seasonal tourism market demand for seasonal tourism formed, resulting in travel demand due mainly to seasonal changes in the small tourist destination of the natural climatic conditions, tourism activity by natural climate conditions than Great.

In general. Seasonal climate conducive to attracting a large number of leisure tourists come to visit. Holiday,Bitter cold and Hot, such as bad weather is not conducive to tourists tourism. That’s some limits for tourism, but I believe people will solve it in future This experience makes me learn a lot of konwledge about travel agency and society. Andmakes foundation to my work in future. So, it’s very meaningful to me.

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