Practices Essay Topics

Procurement Ethics Practices

All persons in society, whether in private or public sector, product or services industry are concerned with ethics, Ethics is defined as the discipline dealing with what is good or bad and moral duty and obligation. Thus personal ethics has been referred to as the rules by which an individual lives his/her personal life. Business… View Article

Evaluation of Assessment Practices

Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of teachers more than standardized tests. Many weeks are spent preparing students to do well on state mandated achievement tests. In addition to teaching students how to take standardized tests, teachers spend a great deal of time stressed and panicked about how well their students will perform. When public… View Article

Green Practices and Their Benefits on the Environment

Every country is endowed with rich natural resources which can greatly affect the country’s competence within the international economic arena. Each country is highly dependent upon the natural resources that it owns. These natural resources are being utilized to aid the country’s needs in order to strengthen their economy. Thus in order to make full… View Article

Cultural practices

Culture, ethnocentrism and cultural relativity are the three terms which form the basis of this essay. There is an effort to define each of these terms in as precise manner as possible. Moreover some discussion on human attitudes and characteristics precedes the final answer to the question : can we judge a cultural practice as… View Article

The spiritual practices

The Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama was born as the son of a ruler of a petty kingdom in Lumbini, Nepal. As is common with wealthy individuals, he lived in luxury and richness during his childhood, and enjoyed the benefits of royalty. At an early life, a sage predicted that he would eventually become a Buddha. Because… View Article

Ritual practices

John A. Grim of Yale University explained that the term “indigenous” is a generalized reference to the thousands of small scale societies who have distinct languages, kinship systems, mythologies, ancestral memories and homelands. Much of these indigenous cultures were found in North America long before the European settlers arrived. Some of these cultures had their… View Article

Best Practices Manual for Supervisors

There are no magic bullets to solve daily problems and the road to reform will be rough, however the solution could be easy when any organization (or even an individual) decide to take advantage of some best practices. “Supervisors form the backbone of a strong organization because supervisors are the front-line leaders who ensure that… View Article

Best Practices of Successful Principals

The following paper will highlight important skills that are required in the school principals in order to make improvements in school systems that ensure academic achievements in the students. Introduction One of the most important US laws that have given most importance to education is the No Child Left Behind Act that was presented in… View Article

Best Practices in Human Capital Development

Human capital refers to the stock of productive skills and technical knowledge embodied in labor. Many early economic theories refer to it simply as labor, one of three factors of production, and consider it to be a fungible resource – homogeneous and easily interchangeable. Other conceptions of labor dispense with these assumptions. Today’s Globalization and… View Article

Best Practices & Most effective strategies for Curriculum Design in K-12 education in America

Curriculum is a plan for learning that includes targeting a student population, conducting a needs assessment, and writing a mission statement. It includes developing goals, objectives, content, teaching strategies, and assessment tools. Alignment is critical in curriculum development from purpose and philosophy, to goals and objectives, to content and activities, and to assessment and evaluation…. View Article

Best Practices Manual for New Supervisors

Communication is a multi-faceted term in the realm of management and employee relations. It can apply to the individual’s ability to interact in general terms (supervisor to employee) or literal language skills (e. g. clearly speaking the domestic language). When language is the concern, supervisors must work to ensure all employees can effectively communicate within… View Article

HR Best Practices in recruitment

Human resource management is a very crucial function in any modern organization that seeks to achieve its objectives. This is because people are the most important asset an organization as compared to other assets that aid in running an organization. Organizations require people and people require organizations. Organizations therefore have a human function and they… View Article

Cultural practices that affect health

To be able to gauge the prevalence of female circumcision, the perception of immigrants on its occurrence and benefits, as well as the actual activity that allows it to happen in these communities, an investigative research should be launched to gather information. Since many states have outlawed female circumcision, its occurrence has become an underground… View Article

Best Practices for Social Science Writing

When social scientists write their research papers, they usually discuss the methods that they employed in gathering and analyzing their data and the results that they were able to generate using these methods. They however seldom concentrate on the writing process itself (Cuba, 1997). Writing in the field of social science requires the use of… View Article

Pay for Performance Best Practices

Best practice can be defined as an idea that suggests that there is some sort of technique, method, process, incentive or reward which is considered to be more useful at producing the desired outcome or result for the company than any other technique, method or a reward etc. The performance best practice is mostly done… View Article

Best Business Practices

Best practices is referred to as the development and implementation of a standard way of doing things to improve productivity. New management of business requires the managers and supervisors to be prepared for change. Management skills is not the only task that is expected of these firms but multitasking and flexibility are key to keeping… View Article

Best Practices in Training and Development

Training and development is the keystone of successful company’s operation. There are a lot of training methods today that can be used for staff training. Many of the training options that are easily available take too much time, are too high-priced, are curriculum and course oriented and do not match the needs of the company… View Article

Best Practices

Historically, minority groups have been ardent supporters of and advocates for high-quality public education. Black efforts to gain systemic equality in educational policies and practices are well known: the battles for equal per-pupil expenditures; teachers’ salaries; length of school terms; expenditures for buildings, facilities, equipment, and books; curricular offerings; and so on. As a result… View Article

Best Practices Manual

According to Reh, F. J. (2007), a supervisor is the lowest, or most-junior, management position. A supervisor is responsible for the day-to-day performance of a small group. It may be a team, or a shift. The supervisor has experience in what the group does, but is not necessarily better at it than everyone he/she supervises…. View Article