Practice Makes Perfect Essay Essay

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Practice Makes Perfect Essay

Our world is constantly wrought with the concept that certainty can allow one to achieve all of our desires and dreams. But this ever-present idea is utterly misleading. One cannot rely on certainty because nothing is truly certain. Everything that we hold to be true, has not been proven wrong. According to William Phelps, a sense of certainty will achieve the impossible. However, Bertrand Russell believes it is important to always carry a bit of doubt in one’s life. Nevertheless, people are torn between extra confidences and doubtless. While some may be certain of everything or doubt in any little thing, the human brain should balance these two factors in order to have a well and steady mind. Throughout our daily lives, everyone needs some sort of certainty in order to build up one’s self esteem. However, the certainty should be to an extent. Living in a world full of confidence is not always the right decision thus it can guide into failure.

Although, strong beliefs, or a set of mind that leads to certainty is not wrong at all, especially in today’s society, it has been proven that one’s visualization of things is the dependable factor of the outcome of the activity one is about to do. It develops a confident and certain mentality. This way, one is able to give out positive vibes and inspire others to be the best of themselves ad eventually achieve “virtually anything” even that that seems “impossible” ().The mindset of believing in achieving the impossible is motivation everyone needs to develop a strong character. Relying too much of certainty may not be so good, since it makes you close minded. This is because you are certain of what you say is right, you don’t even listen to other people’s opinion, which brings tension around you. Over analyzing things and always going for what’s right won’t necessarily make you perfect or certain, instead it could guide you into a big failure, since at some point you have to make mistakes.

Thus, in order to prevent a big upcoming failure one should balance out the certainty they have in themselves. Nevertheless, doubt is an extremely huge necessity one needs among their lives. One of the most important components of doubt is trial and error. One cannot be certain something will make sense or work if the hypothesis one has, has not been tested whether by experimentation or refutation. For instance, if Thomas Edison was absolutely certain he had created a means to harness electricity and produce light without testing his theory over 50 times, his certainty would be invalid. However, his influx of doubt and therefore his willingness to augment and change based upon that doubt, enabled him to produce what could probably be the most important scientific discovery yet.

Another example of the importance of doubt is perhaps the most controversial topic among us-religion. Whether or not one has faith and is certain of that faith, is refutable. There are hence, two sides to this cause. Because nothing has been definitely proved that a higher, supreme power exists. On the other hand, there has been research of evolution throughout time, but it still hasn’t necessarily proven a certain answer. However, even in this process of comparing the two sides one doubts because one is extrapolating that either could be true.

If either is true, we are still uncertain about it. In conclusion, the use of doubt has brought upon many debates, changes, and ideas whether for better or worse. This debate of uncertainty or certainty has been entrenched in our cultures consciousness possibly since its inception. But if we were to deny that the geniuses of our times did not doubt, we are making a vast ad unintelligent assumption. Even so, throughout time, certainty has also come to a great importance in our lives. Without the doubts of all our past generations and the little certainty they used to carry our world would not be anything like the way it is. One thing is certain; doubt and certainty are two factors that are an absolute necessity.

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