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Powerpoint project alphabet lessons Essay

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Miss Honey is a teacher at Greenwood House School, London. She teaches the children at the reception and has been doing this for 2 years. At the moment, she has 10 students.

Problem Definition

When Miss Honey is teaching her students the alphabet, she has to write the letter and draw a picture connected to the letter on the white board. Most of the time her pupils do not get involved in the lesson because the method boring and very monotonous. At the end of the day, the students do not learn anything.

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Miss Honey wants a method that would be easy to run and very interesting for the students in her class.

Consideration of Alternative Results

There are a number of solutions to these problems;


The manual solution would involve her writing the letters and drawing pictures related to the letter on the whiteboard. The problem with this system is that; the drawings take a long time and by the time she is done, she is very tired and the children are restless and want to do something very interesting or go home.


Programming language

Languages such as visual basic can be used to create the system. Objects can be used and the child can click on the objects and a pop-up message can appear when the child gets it right. When the child gets it wrong, another pop-up message should appear. This method will take along time as I would have to learn visual basic. Also, the school does not have the package on the systems and it would be expensive to buy.

Presentation packages

Another solution is the use of computers to create an interactive presentation and it can be like a game for the children. I can animate different objects on the presentation like – the text can fly into the screen or pictures can enlarge on the screen. This would be very appealing to the children and it can help the children remember the letters of the alphabet.

Chosen Solution

After the consideration of all methods, the presentation package would be better because; it is very interactive for the children, it provides a great deal of flexibility it is much cheaper than the visual basic programme and it can be easily managed by the user after I have finished creating the project.

User Requirements

The presentation package should have the following objectives

1. the presentation should have the school logo

2. the system should have a common user interface

3. the presentation should have the name of the school on it

4. it must be interactive and easy to understand

5. the system should have big buttons that the child can click on easily

6. the letters on the system should be of a large font so that the child easily read it

7. the system should have buttons that will the user to the next page, previous page and the home page

8. the system should have animation effects

9. the system should have sounds and it should be in colour

10. the system should be easy to use because the children are new to computing


Appropriate Hardware and Software

The school has hardware with the following properties:

* a 17 inch flat screen (TFT) with good colour and a high resolution (1600 x 1200)

* a good sound system (speakers)

* a 40 Gigabyte hard disk

* 256 megabytes of RAM

* a CD-RW drive

* A scanner will also be needed for this project as it will be needed to scan pictures into the system. I will be using the Lexmark inkjet printer 5150 (all in one)

* a good mouse will be needed for the children to click on the objects and relate them to their alphabets

I will not need a printer for this task because a printout will not be needed due to the nature of the project.

I will be using the windows XP which will contain Word XP and PowerPoint XP as this is the best presentation package and the school already has it.

Data Required


What to insert into the presentation

Where to get the required information

How to insert into he presentation


I will be getting the information from the animal or child website on the internet

I will manipulate the picture by adding borders and making it bigger for the children to understand, and then I will copy and paste the picture o I will save the pictures as JPEG files because they compress the pictures and save space on the computer.

Letters of the alphabet

I will type it in using text boxes

I will type in the letter using a text box.


I will get my animations from the presentation package

I will click on the picture or text box I want to animate, then right click the image and go to ‘custom animation’ and animate the pictures or text


Go to the school website and get the school logo

I will manipulate the logo by adding a border, the abbreviations of the school and adding a ball. I will save as a JPEG file then I will copy and paste it on the presentation

Scanned pictures

I will scan the pictures of animals into the computer.

I will manipulate them and save them as JPEG pictures to save space. I will copy and paste into the presentation when I am ready to use them

Format of Information and Graphics

The text I need for the presentation will be typed into the system using the keyboard. The text will consist of the title on the first slide, the alphabets on each slide, and the text ‘correct’ or ‘wrong’ that appear when the children answer questions.

The graphics required will be pictures. They will be gotten form the internet and scanned into the computer. The pictures should not be distorted as it destroys the original quality. They should be stored as JPEG images as it compresses the images and saves space on the computer. The pictures would have to be sized appropriately to fit the space provided.

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