Powerpoint: Ofsted Report Essay

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Powerpoint: Ofsted Report

The purpose of the information is to make sure that parents are made aware of the ‘Ofsted’ inspection that took place on the 19-20 March. They are very important t o schools and really can be a deciding factor in weather they can attract new pupils and keep them on. The parents need to be informed because it means that they keep up to dated with what’s going on and how the school is as a whole from a processionals point of view. The purpose is also to inform making that they get told the vital points not the bits that are needless, they need to remember these facts so it gives a better image of the school.

As I’ve stated the information has come from the ofsted full report, the report is a round 10 pages long and has some length information included, not all of it is relevant and some is plain needless for the parent to know and here.

The PowerPoint presentation is important because it offers ways of making sure that you keep your points short and sweet, you don’t really want to be going on to another slide, as this may mean that you loose people’s focus and also they can forget the point being made if it carries on over. The PowerPoint also allows you to click on button and for the slide to change, this make presenting very easy to people (in this the parents).

Other methods would not be appropriate because when presenting having a word document would mean that people may get lost where they are, it also has the negative of coming out quite small and so by enlarging the font it means that you run the risk of the document going over pages upon pages. The PowerPoint is also idea due to the way that it can be printed off and easily given to parents, this may be harder with word documents again as information may be scrawled all over the place.


The purpose of this leaflet is to try and persuade Beaumont’s staff to try and volunteer at a charity of their choice. The leaflet should inform every-one of the hours and how to apply. If people didn’t have any clue on how to but wanted to apply then they may chose to not follow it up and so we are losing out on people volunteering. It also has to make sure that people get something out of this, this is something that I have included as it is motivation for people to get out and volunteer.

The sources: I had a few sources that I used, one of which was multiple websites of different charities. These were, Oxfam, Children’s society, Red Cross and the Alzheimer’s society. These gave me an idea of how different charities require you to apply and sign up. Another source was Google images to retrieve pictures for the leaflet.

The leaflet was made on publisher, it was very appropriate because it was something that people can easily stick to places to remind them, also if you get a leaflet rather than a flyer you are more likely to keep the leaflet because of it’s size and so in turn enhancing the chance of getting more people to sign up. The different sides again jus like the PowerPoint mean that the information can be sort and concise making sure that you don’t waffle on and bore the reader.

Some other methods may be good in this instant but for one the task was to produce a ‘leaflet’ but it also makes sense as you can fit lots of different bits of information over 3 or 4 pages. A PowerPoint also may be to long as you can fit in lots of concise information over a few slides just like the pages in a leaflet, but it is easier to present the PowerPoint to people.

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