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Power of Women Essay

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Behind every great man is an even greater woman. This certainly hold true in many cases. Woman can be the driving force in any successful man. However, a woman can also use her strong influence in a negative way. Woman do have power, lots of it. But I’m not just talking about the power within the family, or power in the workplace or even power in higher political office. I’ m talking about a more basic kind of power: Power over Men.

If a woman recognizes her power over men, she can own a man. I dont care who the man is but if she wants him and hes at all attracted to her, she chan own him. Feminine charm is one of the element of this power. It can stops a man on his tracks even when theres no overwhelming physical attraction. Theres also a spiritual power that women have, especially with men who instinctively repect or idolize women. Men acknowledge a womans power. They may welcome it at times. But always remember that men always want to feeel like a man. So women should be really careful. This power needs to use wisely. In the absence of man, can woman really be like a man? I think yes. There are woman who is capable in finance, even being a capable single parent and bread winner. In this respect, a woman will have to be like a man.

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Of course she cannot match the physical strength of him. This just only mean that nowadays, a woman can do what man can do. Things back before, they were very strict for women. They had no rights; no rights to vote, no freedom of speech, they did not work, they stay at home and took care of their household and wifely duties. Thankfully that the legal status of them changed since the 18th century. Things have changed due to eomen actively becoming contributors as a breadwinner of their household. Some of the factors of this are, they work in full time jobs and some of them occupy the best position. Some also dont want to get married and have a traditional family. Others are changing to openly raise a family with another woman where the societys critism is becoming less harsh everyday.

Maybe because they already now their characteristics and find it more compatible thats why they chose to have a relationship with the same gender. Compassion is one of the characteristics within women that tends to be greater than men. They give a better undstanding of a person and feel what they feel. This allows people to trust and have a good relationship. Because woman have good communication skills, they can use it by showing their feeling which encourage openness in relationships. Men as we all know are not very vocal when it comes to showing their feelings thats why woman are there. They are the ne whos in charge in teaching their children, managing the expenses and more.

Wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, and grandmothers are important people in everyones lives. People should know how to respect them especially men. In todays world, theyre not below level of anyone but considered as great women with great responsibilities aside from bearing a child. Ill end this talk by saying a quote which is “The beauty of a woman must be seen in her eyes because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.

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