Poverty in Philippines Essay

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Poverty in Philippines

Life is a risking adventure. We commit a lot of obstacles and problems that sometimes pull our hopes down. Watching the documentary creates several feelings about the situations and it brings realizations after and while watching it. First of all, the documentary speaks about a family in Eastern Visayas wherein it reflects a serious poverty in the Philippines. The family experienced or still experiencing sufferings about their whole-life situation. The couples had ten sons and daughters all in all but only six of them were there current priorities. It must be easy for rich families to handle those six responsibilities but for them, it was a serious life challenge. Within a day, eating two meals is the best they can. Green vegetables with rice are considered a delightful meal for them.

Because mostly, a piece of bread given by a neighbor or a soup considering rice mixed with water and salt was there food for breakfast while for lunch is still basing for the outcome of their unstable work. They are indeed suffering for poverty – or maybe beyond poverty. As an individual watching an uncommon documentary, I felt a lot of course. First, I felt pity for the whole family but mostly for the children. Children must be playing so free with a full tank – stomach with other kids, educating themselves in school, but what other children of their family do was working too, for the sake of the majority’s food. It was a punch on the heart to see those. Second, I feel so degraded yet fortunate. I am ashamed of myself because they really spend sweats and strengths for their daily benefits while most of us almost take spoon feed from our parents.

But I felt so fortunate because even sometimes I feel so poor because of usual money-shortage; I realized how others’ seek hard for a one peso coin. Therefore, the documentary conscientisize most of us, but in a moral way I think. It aroused our conscience not to disgust ourselves because of realizations on mistakes but to change for the better. I am thinking that after watching the documentary, most of the viewer’s felt what I felt too, realized what I realized too, and will change as I’ll change. Starting now, I want to try giving importance with money. I want to encourage myself not to be hopeless in times of struggles. I’ll earn, try my best not to spoil and waste foods, and I will always ask for guidance to God for Him to help me conquer every obstacle. Because life is a risking adventure.

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