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Poverty in Egypt Essay

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Food crisis, political catastrophe, societal upheavals—these are perhaps the most controversial issues that boggle the minds of the Egyptian masses nowadays. Along with the current political catastrophes that has transcribed in the contemporary milieu, Egypt is considered as a transit country for prostitution, child trafficking and a massive rise of violence (Wenger, 1987, The World Bank, 2008).

War in Gaza, smuggling—these problems are said to be the manifestation of poverty, which at hand is the main culprit in swallowing the inhabitants of third world countries (Erlanger, 2008).

As a matter of fact, this unprecedented communal catastrophe has long been a major concern by political parties that preventive and charitable measures are given to them each year. Thus such drive for lifting their economy is driven away by civil confrontations that those who intends to help them are hindered to fulfill their duty.

Basically, this historical and contemptible country is far from letting their guard down from the hopes of reaching solitude and receiving their respective needs; as the residents themselves are working hard to get a grasp of armistice not only for the sake of keeping their lives but for the verity of achieving worldly acceptance.

As a matter of fact, the Egyptian government has developed several steps in aide of helping their constituents live a bountiful life. Thus this dream shall not be made possible without the cooperation of their general public.

The situation in Egypt “Reduce poverty and improve equity in the distribution of income”—this is the statistical and economical strategy of their management. The reality in Egypt is known all over the world. Nutritional status and unemployment are apparently the cited “intrinsically important” fields that the residents are hoping to be resolved. The conceptual argument in this matter is that poverty is identified as “rupture” in the urbanization process combined with the problems of civil hostilities.

Further, if there had been cities which have been granted with the delivery of basic services, it is only the urban areas who eventually enjoys it since that those who badly need it either turn away from the help itself, or has become bleak on the context of improving their lives. To note, there is a huge density in street-vendors and homeless families and Egypt (Development, 2008). World Bank assessed that the numbers that appeared in their data is based on the context of poverty indicators and in layman’s term, it is the multi-faceted feature of having insufficient income.

Hence the battle in defeating the odds of reality is too close to call. The price for being less-fortunate With the issue in poverty in mind, scholars and statisticians were able to distinguish the effects of poverty in the community. Such are as follows: the scarcity of opportunity as there is derisory learning or education, nutrition, wellbeing and instruction, or the incapability to find a profession that can completely be in remuneration someone’s obtainable and present aptitude.

Hence these are caused of susceptibility, owed to insufficient assets and resources, to impulsive prevalent fiscal distress or even personage fright such as when those who are considered as breadwinners mislay their ability to bring in money for a living (Ravallion and Chen, 2007). Overcoming the societal dilemma Even though these problems have been gradually present for quite a long time already, it should also be considered that the country has been developing in the verge of the 21st century.

Their Millennium Development Goals enhanced literacy, mortality and their health status increasing every year and sufficiently, a large piece of the residents are cooperative in such dimension. Furthermore, the brackets that were considered as poor—the tenant farmers and small-scale farmer, landless laborers, unemployed youth and more specifically women—have been found to be positively improving and these are coherent to that of the development in the light of literacy.

However, pursuing the dream still needs to be pressed on further and not lose hope despite the hindrances that unfolds before them to be able to sustain the momentum. Conclusions with further remarks Global systems theory is perhaps one of the many theories related to capitalism and transnational corporations. There should be emphasis that children are ‘sacred’ in a sociological sense because of the fact that childrearing and its effects on children reaffirm the belief in the importance of children.

It creates a protected space of security, trust and close human connection inasmuch as it illustrates the generous and nurturing characteristic of individuals rather than being individualistic and always inclined for competition (Rudra, 2005). The limitations of quantitative measurements of well-being have long been recognized, and there is a rich tradition of anthropological and sociological work that uses a range of techniques to achieve an in-depth understanding of poverty for project work—broadening understanding of both poverty and the policy process (Lane, 2007).

New pockets of poverty are undermining prosperity, making it look more tenuous. The materialist bias is part of a historical legacy, an ancient political responsibility for ensuring that citizens have roofs over their heads, larders with food to eat. While the very meaning of poverty remains the subject of debate, and differences of opinion persist in how to best study the root causes of poverty.

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