Poverty: Effects and Causes

Hunger, crime, and death … these are the effects of what we called poverty. Poverty is the state of being poor or being inadequate to reach something. This incident is true especially to those places which have lack governance and low foundation of education. Even though Philippines is a progressing country, there are also places in our country that have to be monitor because of poverty.

I see poverty when children in the street have no slippers or shoes that can be cover to their feet.

I see poverty when their clothes only cover a little part of their body. I see poverty when they cannot buy on their own instead they just ask their friends to give them food. Also, I see poverty when their parents are look like they didn’t have the capacity to provide what their children need.

Last week, my classmates and I visited San Roque, Canaman, Camarines Sur. As we go there, I saw many houses that are only made up of some recycled materials like galvanized iron, tires and “nipa.

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” Many children were waiting for us, waiting for something that we will give to them. These children together with their parents look like there must be something insufficient with them. Their clothes were just like used by somebody and just donated to them. Their faces were telling that they need some fulfillment on their lives. Just as we gave them what we suppose to give to them, I see the happiness on their faces telling that in just a little time we make them feel that there are people that will always help them in case of problems.

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Their happiness are cannot be bought by anyone. In this case, I see poverty because of the disability of the people to fulfill their basic needs and also their lack of knowledge in facing these problems.

I realized that by this time more and more people are getting poorer because of insufficient knowledge, and lack of attention of our government. I also realized that I must be sensitive to my environment especially to the people of those in need because if I just let this people pass my way, maybe there
must be something bad that will happen later. Maybe they can commit crime because of their state in life. For me, it is not bad to become poor because it can teach us the true value of gifts useful to life.

As a student, I can help them by showing them the right way how to avoid going to that state in life. I will study hard and I will be a graduate student. By this, they can have some inspiration in life that they may acquire to do not do whatever have done in the past, like early marriage. There is no use trying to help people who do not help themselves. It is just like climbing a ladder; we cannot push them to climb unless they are willing to climb by themselves. Also I will help them by realizing what is wrong, because I believe that we can learn from our mistakes in life. Also, I can assist them financially and educationally.

But the point is we must help whoever needs help because maybe someday we might need help. Also, I believe that “no man is an island” so, we must help ourselves to become successful in life so we can have whatever we want. The best portion of a good man’s life is his nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love. Also kindness for me is a language that the dumb can speak and the deaf can hear and understand. Definitely, you cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be to become too late.

For now, what we must do is pray and believe to God because he is the only one that can help us pass our obstacles in life. Without him we are nothing. “ God is more truly imagined than expresses, and He exists more truly than He is imagined. “

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