Poverty, Disease, Hunger, Unemployment in The Future of New York

Soynlen green a movie why predict how the future will be if on precautions is taken before it comes to the point where we can’t go back. The world population very quickly is increasing as the movie was based on. Since the population is increase and in order to meet the need for people to the point where nature need to get destroyed. The poverty, disease, starvation, unemployment in the future New York City will keep growing till the point when everything becomes a survival.

Since the earth is over polluted and overpopulated; the world population has reach over 7 billion on the planet today and it estimates to reach between 8 and 11 billion by 2050 and up to 15 billion by 2100, and as we see the human population will continue to grow.

Global warming is another issue presented. The lack of food is dominating where even the wealthy people have to eat dirty and miserable food. A corrupted government why has hands on rations of Soylent products.

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A product which was made of people! When people died, their body was shipped off and turned into Soylent Green which it looks that everyone like to eat that product. Population it keeps growing in today’s world and it will continues to grow because we have batter healthcare now, we are more advance in many things which it plays big impact on peoples life as well. Parks and forests which are one of the greatest natural resources have also experienced major damage due to immense population growth.

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As a result of the rapid human fertility, parks and forests have been transformed into either agricultural lands or open areas in which villages and cities now exist in order to sustain the urban population.

Not only in land and forest, population growth has applied or put a lots of pressure in resources of water. Which as a result the decrease of fresh water resources; humans apply pressure on water quantity through water needs for survival, hygiene and agriculture. As human numbers continue to rise, they create needs for land for purposes other than the production of food. Among these are urbanization and transportation. Each of these sectors claims croplands not only in New York City but almost every country. But beside this people tend to not be aware of or maybe they decide to ignore the other side to causes more damaged to the environment as we see in the movie, therefore, this is playing a vital role to changes in the land. With this growth the demand for food supplies and commodities is raising a lot from day to day.

In an order to achieve this or to satisfied the population, the contributions the consumption of natural resources. Population growth is mainly responsible for land pressures. Environmental factors also have contributed to food shortage. With the climatic change has reduced agricultural production as well. The change in climate is majorly caused by human activities and to some small extent natural activities. Increased combustion of fossil fuels due to increasing population through power plant, motor transport and mining of coal and oil emits greenhouse gases which have continued to affect world climate. With the growth of population we obviously can say if it has a negative or positive impact. Because how can we say that the existence of people is wrong.

We have to take precautions, to help on keeping the environment clean, and people need to take responsibility for their action as well. All this is leading to air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution. But how does world come to overpopulation? In the movie the world it was consuming more than it was producing, leading to decline in food stock and storage level and increased food prices due to soaring demand a midst low supply. In the movie as we see it the world population had grown and this have can cause problems. Everything seems to be overcrowding, it was very high unemployment, inflation, overfull schools and hospitals, urban sprawl, and increases in traffic. And very short on food supplies and fresh water. Is important to care for valuable resources like freshwater.

This is related with health too. Our health is dependent water and in that what we eat, how we live and other things. Many time even people are aware about this we just try to forget about this. Environment condition is important in our life and plays a very big role in our health. Population health in connected and with environment where we live. For one person to be healthy first he need clean place where the house is not close to trash or close to place where is not contaminate which can impact in our health and can cause a disease. Many different bacteria can grow in that and can affect that population. In the world where obesity it’s very popular and trying to fight that so people to be health and many strategies are invented to prevent obesity include.

Increase the quantity and quality of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity, and on the other hand people destroyed many other thing where they can get health from for instance parks, forest and so on… Many intervention programs and plans have been developed to combat obesity, but at the rate that we are going, it is a losing battle. Plans like the Sugar sweet beverage and Summer Streets in New York City tried to give life to the ongoing fight against Obesity, But it seems that as fast as one plan comes into action, another is thrown out. We need to combine all the key features of every program and with those points, we can possible create a fail-proof attack on obesity and beat it at its core.

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