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Essay on Poverty

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Araling Panlipunan in Philippines

They were created in order to rival the traditional income-focused measures of development such as the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the Gross National Product (GNP). Haq, the first director of the Human Development Report Office, established several principles for the newly emerging measure including provisions that it had to be simple, had to be represented as a single number, had to be easil...

Nickel and Dimed analysis

She had come to the realization that neither her employer, nor the families whose homes she worked in, saw her or the women she worked with as “human”. When they were feeling ill they were told to “work through it” despite the extenuating circumstances that surrounded their health issues and the circumstance maintaining them. This quote represents her “purpose” when having to work to c...

Feast of the dead by Cevdet Kudret

They cook food and they found it hard to readjust because they get used to the foods that was given by the neighbors until the day came that they have nothing to eat at all.The children and Gulnaz slept with empty stomach. The next day the young boy told to Gulnaz that it hurts inside, but she can't do anything, they all felt dizzy and hungry. Days passed by until a horse full of bread on its side...

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A Study of the Microfinance Institutions

In Edo State, the story makes  no remarkable difference as Small and Medium Scale Enterprises dominate the economy. Though access to funds by small business owners in the state is still poor, the various microfinance institutions, vis-à-vis, microfinance banks have been able to provide easy access to the needed funds to small scale enterprises. The mainstream Banks which are suppose to complemen...

Reaction Paper: RH BILL

The average population density in the Philippines is 311 persons per sq km (805per sq mi). However, the distribution of the population is uneven; some areas are virtually uninhabited, while others are densely populated. The percentage of the population living in rural areas has steadily declined in recent decades. It decreased from 68 percent in 1970 to 57 percent in 1990. By 2000 urban dwellers o...

Apush 1989 Dbq

People accused his emphasis on vocational training as an idea which stifled the progress of the black race because it “condemned” the education received by college educated blacks. Also, many believed that vocational education served as a barrier which kept blacks from achieving higher levels of education. Furthermore, many thought that Washington’s methods did nothing to help black racial p...

Reflection - Black Boy by Richard Wright

Poverty took a major toll on the lives of African Americans during the Jim Crow South system, and affected the majority in an unconstructive way. Racism made a huge impact on the lives of the Blacks because it affected their emotions, physicality, home life, and way of being. For some, racism lead to death or completely ruined their lives, but others took the hardship of racism and went with it in...

Impact of Culture and The Real Filipino

He may be thinking that no matter how hard he would work, there would be no chance of elevating his status in life. If a person is depressed, one thing that he would do is to find happiness and as we all know, love is one cause of joy. This pushes dodong to marry teang not considering the consequences. There are many filipinos that are like dodong for example, the squatters. They have no contentme...

Gambling Legalization and Poverty

Problem gambling is a very serious condition and anyone can be infected by it. “Whether you sports, buy lottery tickets or scratch cards, play roulette, poker, or slots, in a casino or online, problem gambling can strain your relationships, interfere with home and work, and lead to financial catastrophe” ( Robinson). “Problem gambling affects people from all walks of life” (Robinson)...

Welfare Policy

A policy to address poverty is improving safety net and work support and increasing funding for social services would help millions of struggling Americans out of poverty by providing for their basic needs. Programs like SNAP (food stamps), the EITC, and Medicaid support millions of low-income working families and help promote work. Thirty years ago, Medicaid and SNAP largely served families that ...

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