Potential Possibilities of Visual Art in Personal Development

The 21st century brings out for education a range of versatile skills and minimum requirements that are typical for this period. Today the visual art is obtaining a role – to be one of the possible communication forms in the expanding communication age. Visual art has been substantially expanded its expression and subjected itself to varied experiments, operating between conventional artistic manifestations and images created by media. It marks the coexistence of varied theory and visual art directions and points out to actual issues in education.

Visual art with its ability to comprehensively influence the humane development of individuals acquires special relevance in the dynamic development of the society and in an environment full of impersonal messages and negative information flow. Human brain activity is surrounded by visuality nowadays. As important aspects information of visual art understanding in teacher’s activity can be marked: to respect artworks created in the influence of other cultures, to try to characterize their perception of the art world, to encourage people from other cultures to express what is typical and unique in visual art space to their culture, to stress common art values, thereby realizing balanced interaction of artistic and pedagogical culture.

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Visual art is one of the means, by including its elements, to develop skills such as self- expression, the ability to critically perceive and cognize the world and actively engage in diverse areas of human activities. The potential possibilities of visual art in personal development in education is open for discussions. The object of the research: education process.

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The subject of the research: application possibilities of visual art’s means in education. The goal of the research: to expand the view of the educational possibilities of visual art’s application. By raising awareness of prerequisites of the potential for visual art, based on theoretical research and results of the practical research carried out, to draw conclusions revealing development opportunities in the interconnection of visual art’s potential and pedagogical technologies in education. Issues Raised by the research: In what way the pedagogical potential of visual art reveals in personal development? In what way a pedagogue can foster personal development, help cognizing the surrounding world, socialize, support in solving topical and important life tasks? What develops interconnection results of visual art and pedagogy?

Tasks of the research: To study pedagogical, psychological, philosophical, art literature on possibilities of visual art and its complex influence on personal development; To carry out a study of practical activity in application of visual art in education; To develop conclusions on visual art’s application possibilities in implementing education. As perspective tendencies in visual art education in Latvia’s cultural-historical situation can be pointed out: visual art can become an effective tool for the formation of a well-informed, responsible, communicative and creative society on the basis of theoretically based approach where kinds of professional visual art are integrated; constructing an approach in the realization of visual art education can enrich the social environment, stimulating innovative viewpoint and activity in the existing life space.

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