Potential hazards Essay

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Potential hazards

In this Unit I will explain potential hazards and the harm that it can cause. A hazard is any source of potential damage, harm or adverse health effects on something or someone under certain conditions at work. Basically, a hazard can cause harm or adverse effects (to individuals as health effects or to organizations as property or equipment losses). Sometimes a hazard is referred to as being the actual harm or the health effect it caused rather than the hazard.

Hazards include:

* Slippery floors
*Tangled Cables – Trip Hazard
*Medical Trolleys left unattended
*Hot Beverages left unattended
*Unsuitable Footwear

Slippery Floors

Slippery floor are a problem because it can happen anywhere and it is especially a problem in a health and social care setting. It can affect both staff and patients as it is a slip hazard, they could fall and hurt themselves such as breaking a bone, dislocating a certain area or getting a concussion. A slippery fall could cause any amount of harm to an individual. An example is when I was on my work experience in one of the wards I visited somebody had slipped over and passed out, but then later died of unknown causes but it could have the fall that lead to the death or what they were suffering from. So a fall can have a massive effect on an individual that can leave to death or severe injury.

Tangled Cables

Tangled cables are a trip hazard which can cause an injury usually to the lower body; it is usually a problem to the staff as they are in an office environment where it is more likely to just have cables lying around. If there are other objects in the area that the staff could trip over and hit which could cause a head injury if they bang their head.

Medical Trolleys

Medical trolleys are a hazard if left unattended as a patient could quite easily take medication that isn’t prescribed for them and it could harm their health such as taking a drug that could be for heart disease or even taking an overdose of a drug their taking or something else.

Hot Beverages

If hot beverages are left unattended it can cause harm to a patient because they may not know that it’s hot or just don’t understand that it’s hot. Why is it a problem?
Who is it a problem to?
What harm does it cause?
Poster summarising health and safety executive

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