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Influence of pH on the activity of Potato catalase

Therefore SA = 7. 065mmi??. So, 7. 065mmi?? x 50mm will provide the volume of the 5cmi?? space in the manometer tube, which is 353. 25mmi??. The rate of reaction can now be calculated as: Rate of Reaction = Volume Time The results for the rate of reaction are displayed as follows: pH Average Time/Seconds… View Article

The activity of potato catalase

The independent variable in this experiment will be the buffer solutions. A buffer solution is used to maintain the pH level throughout the reaction to ensure a fair test. In this experiment, the pHs of the buffer solutions will be varied, as shown in the concentrations table above. Experiment Procedure: 1) Utilising a cork borer,… View Article

The first one is surface area

Factors affecting Osmosis in Potato Tissue Background Scientific Information: Key Variables: There are several variables we must consider. These are: 1. Length of potato chip 2. Mass of potato chips 3. Temperature 4. Variety of potato 5. Volume of salt solution 6. Duration 1. We must keep the length of potato chip the same because… View Article

The Potato Blight

Now I will tell you something about the big famine through the potato blight. Ireland has been ruled by the British government since 1542 (fifteen forty-two ) . The british great land owners owned the total ground of Ireland. In former times, the potato was easy, fast and cheap to cultivate. Besides, the potato was… View Article