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The rhythm of life is never so flat or static. It has always been high and low with the passage of time. But the division bell tolls as the people at large set into the utopian motion for world as safe heaven. It is not unbeatable that the unpredictable moments of stress, difficulty, shock, or trauma wait in the ambush in our sub-consciousness.

While showing the progression of catastrophes to the posttraumatic stage, the paper has reported the facts and estimations how the stressful events have become a common factor and the presumed causations of trauma has engulfed the entire population through generations leaving a tale of tragedy with everyone. The paper has attempted study on the events that can shakeout any universal understanding and can collapse the emotional mechanism. The focus on the issue can measure the individual comprehension and the shift in the emotional distress; after the world is shattered.

The bigger picture here is the clinically measured level of emotional setbacks that have the meaning surrounding their lives. After all, this is the phenomenon of trauma. To understand the same by series of events it is always unexpected with a force beyond control and involves an unusual threat of or experience of physical harm even. The damage is irreversible that happens at the most turning point of the developing stage, playing a blame game for one’s misfortune.

The paper claims that there is a growth for getting indulgence in the fight with trauma; but this is not for all, as it may develop negative results like; psychiatric disorder, distressing emotion, distressing thoughts, problematic behaviours, distressing physical reaction. The main focus is on the clinical assistance for growth for fighting trauma. The mentioned process by the clinicians can lead the occurrence to posttraumatic growth. Here the connotation for growth is the improvement that happens after a traumatised event.

This growth happens to a person after struggling all the odds of catastrophe and horror; as the mind becomes brave with development of wisdom and positivism in existential matter. The growth is not abrupt, and has framework of happenings since pre-traumatic period to moment of happening and the posttraumatic cognitive process. It has an influence of the social group and sphere of communities of the client and can be only discovered by the client itself. The argument is equipped with examples of ‘grief and guilt, past and present crises, making a mess of things, a life re-examined’ (Calhoun & Tedeschi, 1999).

Introducing clinical process into the theoretical perspective is the concept to encourage posttraumatic growth. The most striking development happening in the USA is the insurance coverage of client’s mental health where the commerce has changed the scope of clinical practice by facilitating managed care. Besides, the clinical support like symptom control as counter productive has given trauma expertise to help develop strength among the clients with a new social identity and closeness in relationship.

Beyond this worldly world, the science of clinical support in trauma has given a philosophical and spiritual edge through their expertise and cognitive framework of growth. To perform the whole task, clinicians are issued with the issues of posttraumatic growth, of how the effect of trauma reacts on them; with a self care explaining sound psychological and physical shape required. It is a holistic model of mental development that can be achieved by the mix of clinical approach to the framework of theories and giving the clients a structure to gain new perspective (Calhoun & Tedeschi, 1999).

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