Postoperative CABG depression Essay

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Postoperative CABG depression

1. Why did Japan Airlines Development Company decide to develop a hotel company in the mid-1980s?

It was developed to strengthen the company’s marketing and financial position. JAL is known for its aggressive global marketing and application of new technology in hotel operations, the company is determined to establish a worldwide network of hotels comparable in number to Hilton, Sheraton, and inter-Continental.

2. Why did Nikko Hotels International choose the Essex House in New York City as its first property in the United States?

The chose the Essex hotel to be the first hotel Nikko to be a springboard for Nikko’s future growth. Nikko’s executives believed that if they could do well with the Essex house in the competitive NY market, then they would do well in other markets within the United States.

3. Can you describe the cultural diversity of the management team at the Essex House?

When Nikko took over the Essex house they invited all of the on site Marriott managers and staff to stay with the new company, since they were being replaced by Nikko to manage the Essex. Six managers decided to stay and they were all a very culturally diverse group. A Austrian, Irish, Lebanese, Japanese, and a manager from North America. This group of executive managers represented a highly diverse cultural group.

4. What was the purpose of the executive retreat?

The purpose of the retreat was to create a Nikko mission statement

5. When did Miura join the managers at the executive retreat?

The retreat was held in May 1981 in Ithaca in upstate New York. Miura who was the president of the company, showed up at the retreat after the group sessions and attended the presentations and started to comment on them.

6. How did he annoy the non-Japanese managers during their presentations?

Miura annoyed the non Japanese executives, because they felt that his comments were not allowing them to contribute to their mission statement. They felt as though he was testing them and already had a mission statement and was wasting their time.

7. Why was Miura shocked to hear complaints from his managers? What did he do after he regained control of himself?

Miura was shocked to hear the sharp criticisms because he felt that the executive managers were his subordinates. He didn’t understand why everyone was so upset with his comments.

8. What happened the next day?

The next day, Miura tried to start over and began his speech to the executive team in a frank and all humble manner. He spoke about the global strategic development by JAL, and explained why the Nikko company had come to the united states. He shared with this team his 27 years of experience with JAL, and appealed to the group for cooperation. After his speech, he joined the team as a working participant to develop the Nikko mission statement.

9. What is the mission statement for Nikko Hotels?

Dedicated employees, attentive service, quality facilities, together in harmony

10. Can you explain what cultural blunder Miura committed during the executive retreat and how he ridged the cultural gap and brought the team

Miura committed a cultural blunder when first speaking at the retreat. The group had not known much about this man and his culture. He gave critical feedback to his subordinates during the presentation. Instead of talking to the team and sharing his background, he spoke down to them and did not originally share about himself. The best thing that he did was go home and do his “homework” so that he could better learn how to communicate with this group of culturally diverse people. He came back the next day with a better outlook and attitude and treated the group as a team and worked together instead working away from one another.

If cultural diversity can be managed effectively, there is potential to use diverse workforce if it will benefits the organization. I think that multiculturalism can be directly linked to the success of the organization.It helps to promote minority friendly reputation among potential employeesVarious cultural societies help customers to achieve that with a variety of people.The ability to manage cultural diversity increases adaptability and flexibility of an organization to environmental changes. Whatever the country of origin of the guest at Hotel Nikko, it sounds as though with the diverse group of employees that have kept, that there is a good chance that staff will be able to speak their native language and understand what may cause offense. In my opinion, language capability is a tool that helps attract new business as well as service customers once they have arrived.

I found it very interesting the way that Miura was perceived at the retreat. Being a nurse, I see this type of cultural “blunder”, a lot when working with patients and their families. You really have to be culturally sensitive when working with people of other cultures. Many mannerisms can be taken the wrong way if you are not familiar with other cultures and their personalities. I think that Miura meant well, but of course because of his culture he was unable to communicate effectively to his employees. They didn’t feel that he was on their side working with them at first. I really admire that Miura went back to his hotel and thought about what he would say to the people at the retreat the following day. I really like that he decided to share his history and where he came from and where his vision is. I think that is so important when first meeting with people, especially a boss. I recently had a manager for our unit that never did share anything about herself. She was bold, aggressive and didn’t always communicate effectively.

We grew to dislike her, and knew nothing about her which gave us no appreciation or understanding of where she was coming from sometimes. After working with her for 4 years, she decided to leave and seek another job at a different hospital. It was then, in her goodbye email that she unloaded and shared with us her life. Me and my other coworkers then began to have a little understanding and perspective on why she would do the things that she did and why she had such a un approachable demeanor. If only she had shared with us over the years, our unit may have run a lot more effectively. I like that Nikko hotels are so culturally diverse with their employees. Its multicultural work force is helping achieve great respect and popularity by creating an international environment within the hotel which makes guests from around the world feel at home.

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