Postmodern Philosophy Essay

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Postmodern Philosophy

Postmodern philosophy is a means through which people’s ways of reasoning are evaluated and analyzed. It seeks to explain why everyone has a different opinion towards things that they come across or face in life. A current post modern belief is that a correct description of reality is impossible and in order to enable others to understand the way you perceive or prefer certain things, you need to interpret them.

Post modern philosophy can be reflected in the way we live our lives and at our places of work. An example in my own life is the way I would convince people about how something is good so that even if they are not interested, eventually they would give in and in the end I w will be happy. And according to (Weis, 2003 P. 161) this is Persuasion through self interest which is created by developing a trust since I have the best interests of the other person at heart.

I may tell a friend that we should take a certain class during that semester because I know he/she is focused and would make a good study partner even though that class does not really interest him/her. This does not mean I do not want him/her to focus on what interests them I know we will be helping each other out and maybe next time they will be the ones convincing me.

In an organization, it can be seen when a company wants to become a better competitor as said by (Kotter,1996) that in order to be successful now and in the future, we need to empower others to act and create wins while consolidating gains. In order to promote team work at the office, a company may decide that in its’ engagement in social corporate responsibilities it will take it’s staff to work at the remote parts of the country where the is a school for the orphans and they will have to forego things like internet, family time and nice joints to hung out.

In such a situation, the workmates will have to work together to help the children, listen to different opinions all this to enhance their bonding which is vital in their work ; This is what (Ritti & Levy, 2002) call creating positive outcomes through negative reinforcement. References Kotter J. P. (1996). Leading Change. Published by Harvard Business Press Ritti R. R. & Levy. S. (2002)The Ropes to Skip and the Ropes to Know: Studies in Organizational Behavior. Published by Wiley Weiss. A. (2003) Organizational Consulting: How to be an Effective Internal Change Agent. John Wiley and Sons

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