Postclassical Era Essay

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Postclassical Era

The movie that I would like to produce is about the birth of Islam. This is an event that happened within the Postclassical Period, specifically in the 7th century. This movie wouldn’t dwell on the religious aspect of Islam, but instead, it would focus on the events that gave birth to the religion, and its implications all over the world. For me, if this movie project would be approved, it would be a box-office hit that could rival Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ. ” All of us know Islam, but not all of us have an idea of how it started.

This movie would not only shed new light on this religion, but it would also familiarize us with what it is like to live in the Postclassical era. Historical Background Islam emerged in the Middle East some time during the 7th century, bringing forth an end to the classical imperial system that existed prior to its creation. Islam is a monotheistic belief recorded as a revelation to the prophet Muhammad, though the movie wouldn’t really delve deep in the life of Muhammad.

Muhammad successfully spread his teachings in neighboring lands, and his successors were able to conquer most of the provinces in the Middle East, which initially was a part of the Byzantine Empire. As history would teach us, the rise of Islam was not really a smooth sail. Muhammad has been constantly pursued in his early years, and even after the establishment of the religion, civil wars have divided the lands. Caliphates like the Umayyad and Abbasid caliphates were put into power in separate times, which somehow continued the eastern Roman classical structures.

The Islamic world became a postclassical society by unifying the people of the Middle East through faith and other religious institutions. By looking at these historical events, it is clear to see that a movie based on this would be full of action and intensity. Movie Specifics The setting of the movie would be 7th century Middle East, including some of the significant places that gave rise to Islam. Ideally, the movie would be shot on locations which has somehow preserved a 7th century look, with old structures and landmarks in the area.

The scenes would mostly involve sand, and some shots can be from the town of Mecca and Medina, two important places that gave rise to the religion. The cast would be mostly men in order to be historically accurate. Women at that time were regarded inferior to men, and important affairs such as these were left to men alone. The plot would be simple, the start of the religion, which would somehow touch lightly on the life of a young Muhammad, and then followed by the problems he encounter before and after the establishment of the religion.

The conflict would involve the internal problems encountered by his descendants, which would eventually lead to notable civil wars. The costumes would conform to the time and setting, wherein actors would be wearing long thick robes that would save them from the punishing heat and sands of the deserts of Middle East. Men were mostly bearded, and women would cover their face. The houses would be the simple, historically accurate brick house and a lot of other old aspects of life during that time.

The potential market of the movie would be from adolescents to adults, since it would have some mature content which would not be advisable for children. The specific market would be the people with great interest in history, as the movie would as much as possible bring out historically accurate material. Just like the success of other films that focused on religion, it is important to be accurate with what will be shown, so that the moviegoers would get the right information from the movie.

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